Outdoor Element Firebiner Gear Review

Outdoor Element Firebiner in packaging

Wandering the halls of the Colorado Center at the last Outdoor Retailer, I was literally pulled into a booth to be shown a Survival EDC Carabiner – the Firebiner. First off, that’s the way EVERY company should be at ORShow, so kudos to Outdoor Element for their chutzpah and good energy.

Colorado-based Outdoor Element started with the KODIAK, a survival bracelet that went WAY beyond the typical paracord and done versions. Theirs included a Fire Starting Buckle,1 strand of fire tinder, 2 strands of 20-pound braided fishing line and approximately 8 to 10 feet of survival 550 paracord. Now that’s a survival bracelet – fire and food.

They are starting to branch out and the Firebiner is one of their newest pieces of gear. A Survival EDC (Every Day Carry) Carabiner, the Firebiner boasts a multitude of uses: a safety blade for fine cutting; hang slots for keys or other dangly objects; flathead screwdriver tip; and a bottle opener (man cannot survive on nothing but food and water).

But, most importantly (and the most fun), it includes a fire wheel, which sparks the included ferro rod and helps you make fire. (Fire, fire, fire!) Super easy to use and eminently practical, this could be a literal lifesaver.

Outdoor Element Firebiner in the Aurora color option

Never be without a firestarter again – a titanium coated stainless steel body means it might last forever. A 1 ounce weight means you’ll barely feel it in your pocket or pack, or make sure it stays attached with its stainless steel wire gate.

Ultimately, the Firebiner takes the place of so many other pieces of your gear, and adds fire, how cool is that?

*Product provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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11 thoughts on “Outdoor Element Firebiner Gear Review

  1. Got a couple of these for a recent camping trip since I thought they’d be fun to try out with the family. Well made and we had a good time starting our fires with the firebiner along with the tinders from Outdoor Element as well.

      1. They made a huge difference. Tried some homemade tinders as well that worked (cotton balls with vaseline). We were able to get a fire started in seconds (2-3 sparks each time).

  2. Gave the firebinder to one of our Scouts to get a fire started, sparks up really well, she had a little problem due to how windy was, but a second try with a cotton ball covered in petroleum jelly had a fire going after three strikes. Our Scouts gave the striker five stars. The cutting blade worked well on string and fishing line, how ever we could not get through 550 para cord, and with such a small opening you are really limited on what you can cut with it. Over all everyone likes the look of the firebiner, and it held up to a weekend of use, is small and light weight and has worked well for clipping items on to packs.

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