Outdoors Dad Father’s Day Gift Guide

Cheers to all the Dads!

Lagging in the numbers compared to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is the stepchild holiday, a day to remember good old dad, that guy that brings home the bacon, has a beer or two, and hopefully tosses a ball around with you once in a while.  That’s actually nothing like my dad, but I digress.

Hopefully you’re celebrating along with your father this weekend, but if not, there’s still time to order the perfect gift to show him you’re thinking about him. Without further ado, I share the Outdoors Dad Father’s Day Gift Guide (Say that 5 times fast).

Outdoors Dad Father's Day Gift Guide

As a member of the TNFLocals, I was lucky enough to receive a literal boatload of gear recently from The North Face, primarily their Mountain Athletics line. I am a huge fan of this brand, even more so with this new gear. While some of their products seem geared towards the urban market, these are definitely made for the outdoors enthusiast. I’ve put some of the pieces through the wringer and they performed admirably. Also, they look damn cool.

While geared towards surviving pretty much anything, products from Ultimate Survival Technologies are handy to have around even in non-emergencies. As a USTAmbassador, I am biased in my thinking, but every piece of gear I’ve tried from them has worked as promised, so it’s not just me blowing smoke.

It’s not every company that can live up to that promise. Best of all, none of it is outlandishly expensive – fill a box with goodies for dad without breaking the bank.

Outdoors Dad Father's Day Gift Guide

I have a soft spot for Teton Sports. Not only are they the hosts of #hikerchat, a most enjoyable hour spent every week on Twitter, tweeting about hiking, yes, but so much more: bacon, drones, flamethrowers, burritos, but their gear is top-notch, designed by users for users, and priced amazingly well.

They are also gear partners for Hell Hike and Raft – really looking forward to using their products in the backcountry of Idaho. Quality gear that you can actually afford – that’ll get your dad outdoors!

Outdoors Dad Father's Day Gift Guide

Moving from the outdoors dad in the backcountry to the one in the backyard, preferably grilling. For proper food preparation, good knives are key. The Ergo Chef Crimson Straight Handle and G10 8″ Chef Knives are a true pleasure to work with – they maintain their sharpness and cut easily through everything I threw at them.

These are beautifully designed, with a fiberglass resin handle that mimics the beauty of rosewood but requires none of the upkeep. The balance of the knives make cutting more intuitive and easier, which made me feel chef-like while using them. While I though the two knives were very equal in performance and comfort, Laima preferred the more ergonomically bent handle on the G10. Get these for dad and inspire him to higher culinary heights!

Outdoors Dad Father's Day Gift Guide

Not often that dad is attacked at the office, at least not my dad, nor in the rain, or at the casino. Whether he’s more Austin Powers or James Bond, A Guide to Improvised Weaponry: How to Protect Yourself with Whatever You’ve Got is an entertaining look at turning everyday objects into defensive weapons. With the Zombie Apocalypse forecast for the near future, dads cannot be prepared enough.

Outdoors Dad Father's Day Gift Guide

So not every dad is a full-time outdoors dad, volunteering for Search and Rescue or whittling his own eating utensils, spending weekends backpacking or climbing mountains or any other outdoor activity in appreciation of nature. Most of us also enjoy sitting on the couch, maybe a beer in hand, watching such television fare like Les Stroud’s Survivorman: no food, no shelter, no water, no tools and no camera crew.

To inspire him to get off his duff and find some adventure on his own, get him one of these Les Stroud knives made by Camillus Knives, a respected knife maker since 1876. The 10″ SK Mountain™ Ultimate Survival Knife comes with a belt sheath that also houses its own knife sharpener, paracord, signaling mirror, flashlight, whistle, and flint, all in one package. That should get him out of the house for a while.

Outdoors Dad Father's Day Gift Guide

Speaking of beer, how about the “Around The World Beer Bucket – 6 Beers” from Gourmet Gift Baskets? Fun beer from other countries, salty snacks to make him thirsty, this is a great way for dad to unwind after a tough day at the office or the struggle to get out of the hammock.

Sitting outside on a sunny day in the backyard watching the kids play with this bucket in hand would be fantastic way for a dad or two to hang out. Dad not a beer fan? Don’t worry – they have about a gazillion other options.

Many of these items were received for review purposes – all opinions are my own.

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