PackPillow Review

PackPillow: Use it as a pillow, a stuff sack, a seat cushion, or a day pack.


I wasn’t sure what to think when I was offered a sample of the PackPillow to review. I’ve tried various backpacking pillows and, to tell you the truth, some of have been good, but none of them have been great.

As a pillow, it works by itself or (as I used it) by stuffing a jacket or other apparel to make it the thickness you prefer. The foam is very comfortable and, since the pillow is adjustable, I’d suspect most people would get a good night’s rest with this.

PackPillow in use

According to the company, when not being used as a pillow, the PackPillow is reversible to protect the face-friendly fabric and expose the water-resistant rip-stop nylon for you to use as a seat cushion. It actually works really well for that use and can make a cold picnic bench or a rock much more pleasant to sit on.

The PackPillow has 6-Liters of internal space; which is plenty to hold water bottles, food, and clothing layers.They do have very cool clips that attach the strap to the pillow, which do make me want to use it more. The PackPillow also has a hole for a hydration bladder and tube. I prefer packs to have more shape and be more supportive, so I probably won’t be using the PackPillow as a daypack anytime soon.

PackPillow as backpack

Overall, I’d have to give them high marks for design, creativity, and moving this particular piece of gear forward. It works well as a camp pillow but also has additional uses, making it a good item to add to your gear as you head out.

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