PocketFuel Naturals – Nut Butters with a Kick

Our nearly-2 year old loves pouches, the ones filled with an assortment of pureed food items that are easy to eat just about anywhere. The funny thing is that our 11-year old does as well. Well, why not adults? Why not indeed—PocketFuel Naturals fill the bill with their reusable/recyclable pouches filled with stuff adults (at least this adult) crave – 100% natural, wholefood ingredients: nuts, seeds and fruits.
“The tremendous amount of nutrition found in each PocketFuel pouch supplies the body’s nutrition requirements with whole foods. All natural almond butter is our base ingredient and is blended with a wide variation of seeds and dried fruits. PocketFuel delivers a balanced combination of simple and complex carbohydrates. The benefits are almost instantaneous boosting blood sugar, at the same time the fiber laden almonds and fruits help to sustain power output for hours. Use of both types of carbohydrates is important as they will both convert into glycogen, which is the primary energy source for your muscles. An increased glycogen level will help to maintain a high energy level.”

Available in Chocolate Haze (their NEWEST flavor), Crunchy Banana Blueberry , Chunky Coconut Cherry , Chocolate Espresso , and Chia, Goji + Honey, I received all but the first to try out. Can you say excited? As suggested on the pouches, you should squish and squeeze to blend the natural ingredients, as they may have separated out while stored. Then, untwist the cap and enjoy!

As I often do, I had the whole family try out the different flavors. Everyone except me liked the Coconut (not surprisingly), with the Crunchy Banana Blueberry the kids’ favorite. My personal favorite was the Goji Honey, which had the most variety of flavor and texture, in my opinion. I really liked the Espresso on its own, though it tasted a bit bitterr after the others – it’s also much thicker, which makes it harder to get out of the pouch but also less messy.
As my runs are now surpasssing the two hour mark, I’m introducing both nutrition and water. PocketFuel was the first attempt at nutrition on the run. The handful-sized pouches were easy to carry – I put them in a pocket on my hydration vest, squeezed out relatively easily, closed cleanly and basically were no problem at all. Since they are nut butter based, the paste is somewhat sticky, with that granular texture that sticks to the teeth somewhat. I simply rinsed my mouth with water – no problem! I had some of this every half hour after the first hour, and could feel a lift each time, though nothing drastic and no sugar crash after.
At 400+ calories per pouch, these would be a pretty big single serving, but if you are running, walking, or cycling far, these would be great to have along.

PocketFuel is vegan and gluten-free.

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(Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free to review on my blog, courtesy of PocketFuel Naturals. I did not pay for the item, receive payment for this review, or agree to give a positive review. Aside from information gleaned from the company website, the opinions are my own.)

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5 thoughts on “PocketFuel Naturals – Nut Butters with a Kick

  1. Those sound pretty awesome to me (being a nut butter addict). I think they would be especially good for a long ride. Will have to look around for them.

  2. Those look pretty good and could do well to break up the GU monotony. I've been using Peter's Organics on longer runs, too, but they don't have the kind of calories that these do.

  3. Hmmm…those sound really interesting. I'm always on the lookout for something new for long rides and runs. I'll have to check these out!

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