Polar Pro Filters and Accessories Gear Review

When I met with Polar Pro at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, I was really impressed with the quality of the accessories; they felt solid and durable. And, while I thought of the company as primarily making accessories for GoPro cameras, it turns out they had started making filters and the accessories had come later.

In 2012, they introduced the snap-on filter – the first time one could quickly remove and attach a filter. Polar Pro provided me with some of their gear to test out this Summer and I felt like they made using the GoPro a lot more fun – their products really are simple to use.

Polar Pro Filters and Accessories Gear Review

The Combo: ProGrip and StrapMount Set (MSRP $49.99) – The Combo provides users with two great products, the StrapMount and the ProGrip:

The StrapMount attached to any strap, giving one hands free use of the GoPro and/or a place to carry it within easy reach. This is a great idea and the mount performed exactly as it should. I added this to the daypack I most often use and have carried my GoPro to many places, including a long dune hike and bouldering.

The ProGrip is a floating grip (perfect for water sports) with dry storage for 2 batteries (I fit 3), a GoPro remote mount (which I don’t have), and a leash for added security. When not in use, the ProGrip slides in to the StrapMount, keeping it out of the way, yet handy.

The ProGrip is super comfortable to use and gives some extension to the arm, while the adjustability gives one several angles to work with. Having spare batteries along is ideal, as GoPros are notorious for going through a charge faster than one would want. I love the ProGrip for its secure feel in the hand and the stability it gives my handheld shots.

Polar Pro Filters and Accessories Gear Review

Polarizer Filter for GoPro Hero3 (MSRP $29.99):

This filer is made to reduce glare off of water and snow, perfect for trips to the beach, on the water or, very soon, for Winter shooting. I loved the quick snap-on installation and the (relatively) heavy glass feels like it will last for a while.

For protection and security, the lens comes with a microfiber storage bag and tether. The tether is a thin white string which is a bit jarring at first, but also a good reminder to attach the lens to the camera in case it gets jarred off.

Polar Pro Filters and Accessories Gear Review

Macro Lens for GoPro Hero3 (MSRP $29.99):

This lens is made for close-up work (Polar Pro suggests using it for images taken 3 to 12 inches away). It was fun to play with this filter, shooting both photos and video from further away and then coming in for closer (in focus!) shots. As with the Polarizer, the heavy glass feels like quality, it’s easy to snap on, and comes with the microfiber storage bag and tether.

If you’re ready to take your GoPro shooting to the next level, take a look at Polar Pro. They have a variety of lenses and accessories that will improve your current shots and also allow you to up your game. Quality gear and attention to small details make these keepers.

(*Products provided for review purposes – all opinions are my own.)

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