PROBAR Saved My Ass

PROBAR Saved My Ass


When I heard that PROBAR was coming on board as an Epic Social Adventures partner, I had mixed feelings. I’d gotten away from much of the packable “food” that was often a collection of chemicals and sugar, with some “natural” ingredients to give them a semblance of reality. Yuck. As I did some research, however, I thought that maybe it wouldn’t be too bad: PROBAR creates convenient, healthy (non-GMO or organic), plant-based food products that are delicious, in their opinion and mine. For Hell Hike And Raft 2015, they provided us with their Ultimate 15 Pack, which not only fueled us on the trail and river, but allowed us to taste all of their products in a very short time, as it features three top flavors from each of all five product lines.


Bite, Meal, Bolt, Fuel, and Base make up the 5 lines, ranging from quick energy to protein packed for nutrition before, during, and after a strenuous workout. As I mentioned, I thought that the flavors, for the most part, were really tasty; the biggest surprise to me were the Bolt (energy chews), which were ideally balanced between sweetness and fruit flavors; I popped these whenever I needed a quick pick me up. For more serious times, when I just needed to eat so I could keep going, the Base bars were my go-to, and I’m pretty sure I’d still be on the descent down to the Snake River if we didn’t have these along.


PROBAR Saved My Ass


This photo of Jana pretty much sums up how we all felt about PROBAR during this trip. After we got  down to the River and recovered from our epic hiking, we could joke about it, though the truth is that PROBAR really did save many of our asses.


I can wholeheartedly recommend these products if you’re looking for tasty and healthy portable nutrition. Their stance on non-GMO and organic ingredients is one I support as well, so I feel better when I opt for one of their products over something similar.

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