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Running in the cold can really suck. Some time ago, I requested and received a ThermaJock, courtesy of RunnerTek, LLC. Before you scoff, fair weather endurance enthusiasts and ladies, please don’t doubt, there is a need for this protective gear for many males. Running and cycling in the Midwest (or any other cold weather area), it sometimes takes many layers of protection to feel comfortable. I was intrigued by the ThermaJock because I could see how it could eliminate one or more layers and also extend the season to run in shorts and cycle outside.
First Impressions:

If you’re a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, you may have experienced their be-socked encores, quite a sight to see. When I first opened the Thermajock, it was the first thing that sprang to mind. It’s a pretty simple fleece sleeve, with two fasteners.


ThermaJock’s warmth is attributed to the use of Polartec® Thermal Pro fleece. The 100% polyester fabric’s surface creates air pockets that trap air and retain body heat, providing outstanding warmth without weight. This fabric also offers excellent breathability and dries quickly while being machine washable.


ThermaJock stays in place by using a unique double fastening system. The fasteners can be adjusted to fit any size athlete. The ability to use a cord at the top and a strap in the middle allows ThermaJock to stay in place without having to over-tighten a single fastener and sacrifice comfort.

Testing Conditions:

Wouldn’t you know it, but the first couple of weeks after I received the ThermaJock, it was unseasonably warm here in Chicagoland. Fortunately, there have been some cold mornings that allowed for realistic testing. And, we’ve now had our first bitterly cold mornings as well as our first snowfall, so I feel confident that I gave it a good run.

Overall Impressions:

Comfortable, easy to use, and, contrary to my initial expectations, it never felt like it would fall off. It is initially somewhat strange to wear, but I quickly became used to it. I ran with the Thermajock and also did some cycling, where this product really helps out. Using it for cycling allowed me to eliminate a pair of wind tights, which tend to make me overheat in all but the coldest conditions, so it was a definite benefit in that instance.  It also clearly helped during my runs, as my thighs were quite cold even as the important parts stayed warm.

Final Thoughts:

Created by 2 Chicago area athletes, ThermaJock is definitely a beneficial piece of gear for cold-weather endurance athletes. Suggestions for improvement? One (or two, depending on how you count). While the ThermaJock is a quality piece of gear, well-made and delivering on its promise, I personally would like to see it joined in the catalog or replaced by by a technical brief with the same wind-blocking capabilities or a typical athletic supporter offering the same protection. I believe the brief or supporter would be more comfortable to wear. I plan on using my ThermaJock this winter as, while I don’t mind the treadmill, there is something still more pleasing about running outside in the elements. Thanks RunnerTek, LLC, for creating this product and giving me the opportunity to try it out!


(Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free to review on my blog – courtesy of RunnerTek, LLC.  I did not pay for the item, receive payment for this review, or agree to give a positive review. Aside from information gleaned from the company website, the opinions are my own.)

49 thoughts on “Product Review: Thermajock

  1. HAHAHA Emz…

    I get it though – knowing many males who run in the cold, this is a real problem. Wonder if it should go in the hubby's Christmas stocking! HA!

  2. Don't mind EM.

    Kovas, thank-you for this great product review. This would usually be a difficult product to have evaluated on a blog, but your approach was mature and to-the-point. As someone who has struggled with a chilly ‘nether-region’ in the winter months I found this review to be timely and informative. I especially like that you took the time to delve into the complicated but unique double fastening system.

    While reading this post I was hoping that you would delve deeper into the material and/or construction of this fastening ‘cinching’ cord. I’m worried that it may hurt. Perhaps you could touch on this (the topic – not my bizness) in a follow-up Thermajock review in the weeks to come.

    Again, great work on this review.

  3. Q, Neither fastener was uncomfortable. The cord fastening is like one on a jacket, with a cinch to tighten and loosen. Between the two, the velcro was more bothersome, if only because it was stiff (so to speak).

  4. I can't do it. I can't. I can't be nice. I need Jesus.
    Awwww crap. Here comes the barf again.
    Let the RHCP's own their “thing”.

  5. I am fascinated by this idea of air pockets. Total genuis. Living where you do, I think it is quite responsible to want to protect your man parts.

    A few things come to mind when I read this very comprehensive review.

    1. Do these come in varying sizes? Like XXXXL?
    2. Is there a female version, i.e., thermal “kitten cover” or something?
    3. I notice in the instructional picture there is no hair. Would it be a problem if you did have hair?

    What a great stocking stuffer! Thanks for the review.

  6. I agree with Q, well done w/r/t tackling a sensitive topic about a sensitive area. I'm not normally in a super cold region, but if I was, I would be worried about the warmth and integrity of my unit. I'm no longer worried. I'll be going to Vancouver in a few weeks, and will be packing a ThermaJock.

    My ONLY complaint is on the instructional diagram. I would add a fourth picture with a fully dressed figure to make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that the intention of the ThermaJock is a supplement to an overall cadre of cold weather gear. If I take the diagram at face value, it suggests the the ThermaJock is all I need to stay warm and am thus free to brave the elements shirtless.

    Thanks for the review, well done.

  7. No sizes, Beth. I guess guys better endowed than me would just have less coverage. No female version as of yet. Hair or no hair is personal preference, would not affect the performance as far as I can tell.

  8. I saw the title in my reader adn had to check this is out> I wanted to see if it was what it sounded like, and it is. interesting.

  9. agreed …way to go writing a mature version! you are def a proven grown up now:)

    this is a must for mid winter MN running – I never knew about it and usually just layer a bunch of underarmour and hope for the best! haha
    this product a must for me


  10. or you could just buy some of those hand-warmer things and throw it down there. I couldn't stop laughing at that diagram… I'm pretty sure the waistband around the thighs in the first two slides are the funniest parts. Can you ask them to create a 4th slide where you wife opens the bathroom door and asks “what the hell are you doing?”

  11. You know, if you are over 50, everything disappears in cold weather anyway….

    Other thoughts: A battery operated version to supply heat and possibly a “shocking” experience…. (maybe not, now that I think about it)

    I will wait to buy one a used one on Ebay…. hmmmm (maybe not on that one too) I think I'll just stay here in Florida instead…

  12. Thanks for a very insightful review of a product which I am certain was not very easy to be so open about with adults out there who are not quite so mature and may find this comical. I, for one, am very grateful for the review and am going to stockpile many of these for the holidays for all the males in my life; especially my 15-year old mountain climber as it is chilly up there in 2% oxygen-land and since he has not been able to really use his unit much, he will be thrilled to know he can keep it safe from being frostbitten so he can eventually bare children. What a relief!!! I was also just reading Linday's blog and she has a guest blogger today, Matty B, whose little baby boy, due in February, is sporting a “Texas-sized pen*s”. Now I know those in Texas aren't in need of cold weather gear like us in the Arctic Tundra, but I think the Themajock would be an excellent baby gift. Oh the possibilities of who I could share this with are endless!

    Thank you very much for your thoughtful, well-written review, KP! You totally made my day – I can now check off many people on my Christmas list.

    Please be careful not to pull the string too tight, ok?

  13. what if the man in your life is not an athlete? would you recommend this for the everyday Joe who is outside all the time?

    I gotta say–it would be like giving myself a gift just to see the look on hubby's face when he opened this “package” up on Christmas Day!!

    Great review Kovas!

  14. You sir are a true professional (today). Ive never experienced a situation where I would have thought of this as an needed piece of epuipment.

    And for this I call myself a lucky man.

  15. Very tastefully done. I had seen a review of this somewhere else, or discussed somewhere (may have been here actually) but at the time I thought why would anybody need this? Just put on a pair of pants or two and your good.

    Now the weather here in Texas has changed on a weekly basis. One week it is 65 at 4:30am then this week it is 32 at 4:30am and I don't like running pants. Maybe this product will help keep the chill off.

    But I am thinking about size and not needing a XXXL but something not so big I guess. And the cinching and how tight it needs to be so that it doesn't feel like you are wearing anything. I am a minimalist when it comes to running so adding more and more stuff isn't appealing but you gotta stay warm.

    Now onto the helping the friends out. Why are they neglected with this product? Yes shorts would be good but again we are adding another layer to the body with that.

    I'm guess I'm on the fence about this because I just don't want to add any more clothing but the cold is not fun either.

    Jeez the decisions a guy has to go to just to keep his privates from shriveling up like a turtle pulling its head in the shell.

  16. OK, so this hasn't left my brain yet and I just thought about peeing. What if you gotta go? How easy is this to take off and put back on? And what if you have the specially made Q one that is two attached?

  17. LOL! I had to read this post a couple of times to make sure it was serious.

    Does it come in various colors and prints? Because girls undergarments do! Every piece of clothing and undergarments should be both functional AND attractive 🙂

  18. Well done on a professionally written review. Unfortunately your commenting public are more giggle inclined….such as myself. Can't stop laughing after all these comments!

    I am actually quite shocked that there aren't sizes though….and different fabrics! Who doesn't want a thermajock in leopard print!?!

  19. i'm still trying to determine if this is a real product or a gag one! lol. the family jewels and all do have to be protected, i suppose.

  20. So, it took me a few days to actually come and read your review and I will have to say it didn't disappoint and was everything I had hoped it would be… leaving me very fulfilled. The RHCP picture was a nice touch. Plus, the comments were priceless. Good work Kovas.

  21. Hi – I'm from the Netherlands – and unlike so many Americans I rarely wear any kind of undergear. A friend from the States calls it “commando” – not a term I was familiar with growing up. Still, it gets cold. I put off wearing anything more than shorts until I absolutely have to. Would the thermajock stay on without other under garments? Would it be terribly obvious?

  22. The Thermajock is made to stay on with just the two fasteners, so no additional undergarment is necessary. It's not bulky, so not overly obvious, unless you wore it under tight fitting shorts or tights.

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