PROFOOT Care 2 oz. Miracle® Insoles

I was recently contacted by PROFOOT to try out an insole that the claim custom molds to your foot and arch, the 2 oz. Miracle®. This insole features a unique 2-layer design to mold exactly to the shape of your feet – this creates comfort from heel to toe. The top layer is made of memory foam that molds like custom orthotics to fit your pair exactly.

Skeptical? So was I — I’m now a believer. I took the old, worn-out insoles out of my NB890s, which were feeling really tired. So tired that I was planning on retiring them from active duty, which was disappointing, because these shoes are some of the lightest I’ve found that have the cushioning I like. These new insoles make me feel like I have new shoes again. No lie, I’ve run using these 2 oz. Miracle® insoles for at least 40 miles since replacing the originals, and they still feel like the shoes just came out of the box.

Since I have a neutral stride and a normal arch, I can’t claim that these could replace your expensive orthotics (check out Laima’s review over at Women’s Endurance Gear for her take on that). However, I will say this is an inexpensive way (about $9) to give your favorite shoes a longer run and with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, why not give them a try?

(Disclaimer: I was sent this item for free to review on my blog, courtesy of PROFOOT Care. I did not pay for the item, receive payment for this review, or agree to give a positive review. Aside from information gleaned from the company website, the opinions are my own.)

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