Purinize Portable Water Purification and Filtration Treatment Gear Review

One of our Epic Social Adventures partners for Hell Hike and Raft 2015  was Purinize, who provided us all with bottles of their product. This, according to the website, “is highly effective against a broad range of contaminants commonly found in outdoor and drinking water sources including biological (immediate) contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and protozoan cysts, and accumulative (toxic) contaminants like agricultural and industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), disinfectants, and disinfection byproducts.” Wow.

Purinize Portable Water Purification and Filtration Treatment Gear Review

It had us shaking our heads a little bit, until Dean, who happens to be a Purinize Ambassador, stepped in to explain things. Purinize works by “clumping” together the nasty bits, which, after some time (colder water = slower process, hotter water = faster process) settle to the bottom and can be filtered out. Purinize suggests filtering it through a filter, coffee filter, or fine cloth.

Benefits: A water treatment that can be used on its own, though recommended in conjunction with filtering; tasteless, i.e., doesn’t have a chemical flavor; makes your filter work more effectively by collecting the harmful stuff; removes more than just the commonly worried about biological contaminants.

Negatives: None, unless you consider the weight of the Purinize bottles you need to carry along, though it’s negligible; also, the recommended 60 minute wait time can be a drag if you’re out of water.

I’m pretty sure that Dean used Purinize solely on our epic trip, while the rest of the crew did the pre-filter treatment, then filtered our water through the device brought along. Nobody (as far as I know) suffered any ill effects during the trip in any way whatsoever. Pretty impressive considering we came from two countries and lots of states.
Considering the negligible weight and added benefits, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t bring this along anytime you might need to treat water.

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