Quiksilver QS2900 Watch

While a shiny new piece of gear has its own, unmistakable allure, purchasing a used piece can be just as satisfying. This is especially so when the new piece is simply unaffordable at the time. The other thing is the life its led, with every scratch telling a story.

Quiksilver QS2900 Dive Surf Watch

One of the items I’ve been looking for is a good, solid dive/surf watch. I wasn’t looking for many bells and whistles, but it had to look good and suit my style. Stainless steel body, rubber band (though that can always be changed out), and definitely water proof or resistant.

I’m definitely an analog watch guy, the simpler the better. I’d prefer no day or date, but it’s not a deal breaker for sure. The watch can’t be too large or too small, but, as Goldilocks would say, just right.

And I’ve come close. For the price, just right. I got it on Ebay, so it’s much more of a hit or miss opportunity than simply going into a store (not that we’re really doing that these days).

Quiksilver QS2900 Dive Surf Watch on the wrist

The Quiksilver QS2900 is simple. A black watch face and a lack of numerals give this watch a classic look. The rotating bezel gives it some swagger and some functionality – no more guessing how long you’ve been down below the surface or paddle boarding on the lake.

It’s water resistant to 165 feet, a figure I probably will never achieve in my lifetime and if I do, I can assure you I won’t be thinking about my watch.

Remember I preferred not to have a day and date? Well, this has both. The date I can do without still, but I love the day function for 2 reasons. One, with the interminable lockdown due to the CovID-19 virus, I’ve thought about resorting to day of the week underwear to keep track of the days. Now I don’t need to. Two this is the coolest day function I’ve ever seen, spanning the arc between where the 11 and the 1 would be. So stunning.

Quiksilver QS2900 Dive Surf Watch close up of watch face

I haven’t had it for long, but so far no issues with it keeping time, courtesy of the Japanese quartz movement. This watch is somewhere between 20 and 30 years old, and I bet it keeps working the same amount into the future.

The only negative is that, to be truthful, it’s a little small for my wrist. It’s not glaringly so and it may not even be apart from my own opinion. For now, of course, it’ll do.

Having grown up in Surf Town, USA (Huntington Beach, CA), I have a strong affinity for surf brands and Quiksilver was a big brand in my youth. It’s a nice connection, also a good match for the headphones and wetsuit I own by them.

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