Red Bull Trail Daze Race Report

Saturday, I fed my trail running demon by participating in the inaugural Red Bull Trail Daze race, held in Palos Forest Preserve. I’ve run at Palos before, but this race gave me the opportunity to try out some trails I had not gotten to yet, on the northwest side. This race had a unique format, in that all racers started together and then, after a half mile, split onto one of 3 options. Three options: easy but long; medium but tricky, hard but short. Though my preference would have been stiff and long, I opted for the hard but short.
Simply a gorgeous day for a run, especially a trail run through the woods.  It was 40 degrees Fahrenheit and windy at the start, which was cold, but perfect once I got warmed up. The course I opted for was 90% singletrack, which was great for running, not so good for racing. I spent some time trapped behind some slower runners, but it did keep me from going faster than I should. A group of us missed an unmarked turnoff (the marshal had wandered off) and ended up running an extra mile. I got to pass a bunch of people twice!

This was a really enjoyable race in a great location, and well-worth adding to the calendar for next year if they run it. Apart from a delayed start and the unmarked turn, this was also a decently run race from the race management perspective. No-frills but with good energy, this is a good addition to the trail race options here in the Chicagoland area.

27 thoughts on “Red Bull Trail Daze Race Report

  1. sorry hit send by accident. I wanted to ask if most people had already decided which way they where going before you hit the fork in the road or was there some indecision?

  2. Well, the extra mile gave you the long and hard – and cuz you have a nice G-rated blog, no further comments on that! I like the options, that's a neat twist! When I did Pikes Peak Ascent last year, I was at the mercy of whomever was in front of me for a good chunk of the race – which is frustrating, but does keep your pace controlled. Not that it matters much on that beast. I think you should do PP next year with me :).

  3. It's cool that you have those areas to run/race. I'm not suprised with the path you chose. I would expect you to test yourself in the realm of difficulty not distance. We know you have distance on lock.

    Nice job, is my hat coming soon ?

  4. Ok-did you just say 40 degrees and Cold in the same sentence? Yes, I am having another giveaway in which Kovas will receive my deer hide bomber hat so he can run in the frigid 40 degree weather!! Kidding-Great job!

  5. nice job. love trail races for the simple aspect of no frills.

    maybe if you would have had that propellor beanie you could have taken flight above those slow runners. dangit. next time…

  6. Congrats on the race. All you bloggers out there talking about mud running (Patrick) and trail running (Kovas) and trail riding (BDD) has got me thinking about getting out there and getting dirty.

  7. well you kinda got hard and long with that extra mile! i'm not strong enough on trails to hate getting stuck behind people. i actually like it… my excuse for not going harder haha.

  8. There are SOOOO many “thats what she said” moments in this post that I'm a bit overloaded right now.

    easy but long; medium but tricky, hard but short. Though my preference would have been stiff and long, I opted for the hard but short.

    Well said, welllll said.

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