Reebok Nano 4.0 CrossFit Shoe

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Reebok Nano 4.0 CrossFit Shoe

The right gear for the right situation. One of the reasons so many people turn to Reebok for CrossFit gear is that the company has made a huge investment in the sport, both financial and in terms of moving the sport forward. An unscientific study would probably show that the majority of CrossFitters in any given box are wearing Nanos, one of the 3 earlier generations or now, the Nano 4.0. And, given the wide range of foot shapes and sizes, they’ll all have an opinion on which model is the absolute must-have. So, what has Reebok done to move the design of this shoe forward?
  • More breathable: Reebok changed the mesh under the cage to allow for better air flow during workouts.
  • Lighter: Reebok re-engineered the DuraCage and changed the mesh this shoe lighter.
  • More flexible: Reebok re-engineered the DuraCage to allow more flexibility in the forefoot and toe.

Here’s what I thought about the Nano 4.0:


Reebok has gone in a totally new direction with the Nano 4.0 was the new design, and these are really dynamite looking shoes. There is a wide range of colours with the option to customize a pair for yourself. I received the version with the Porcelain/Black/White/Excellent Red colorway and, while decent looking, does bring to mind nurses’ shoes, so maybe not the most exciting version to go with.


The Nano 4.0s are roomy, but stick to the foot comfortably – I wore them with and without socks without problems. I’ve read some reports of people getting blisters with this version, but an equal amount of reviewers no such problems. One change from the 3.0s that is uniformly applauded (besides the cool design) are a change to flat shoe laces – I’m not a fan of round shoe laces, as they do not seem to work as well as the flat, so this is a plus in my book. The soles gave good grip, with no slips that I could ascertain on carpet, turf. cement, and mats. During all the WODs I used the 4.0s for, the laces, fit, and function performed admirably, no problems for me at all.


As I mentioned, I found the 4.0s quite roomy, though a lot of people report them being for narrower feet. When I initially put them on, I thought about sizing a half size down (from 13s to 12.5s), but apart from the fact that Reebok doesn’t make a 12.5, I actually came to appreciate the wider toe box. As far as I can tell, these run true to size, with perhaps a bit of extra toe room. Not sure where the other folks are getting their narrow fit from, unless it’s a direct comparison to the 3.0s.
Longer term testers also applauded the durability of the shoes, especially as relates to rope climbing. Reebok credits the DuraCage technology and RopePro protection, giving bite and support for rope climbs. i haven’t climbed any ropes, though wearing the Nano 4.0s both inside and outside for training over the last several weeks has not resulted in any obvious wear as of yet.
Video: CrossFit Nano 4.0 with Rich Froning

The right gear for the right situation. The Nano 4.0 is perfectly suited for its design – CrossFit WODs. Wear these with confidence that they’ll support you in your training.

These shoes were sent for review purposes – all opinions are my own.

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