Richmond Hunting Club, Illinois

Shooting skeet at Richmond Hunting Club, Illinois

My son and I both appreciate shooting, but don’t get to go very often. For christmas, I received a gift of skeet shooting for 2 at the Richmond Hunting Club in northern Illinois. At about an hour and a half from home (similar duration from downtown Chicago), it seemed like a great way to spend most of a day together.

I’ve gone skeet shooting before, but from a fixed location, ie standing and shooting the clays from one spot. The Hunting Club has the skeet stations spread out in an area of its 850 acres.

It’s a beautiful rolling landscape of hills, flatlands, woods, open spaces, marshes, ponds, and streams. The shooting stations varied from wooded to open to over water and it was very pleasant to stroll along the paths and roads between locations.

When you get to the club, you sign in and are assigned a local guide. You can bring your own gun or borrow one of theirs – we opted for the latter and were very pleased with the Remington shotguns we used. Donning blaze-orange vests and collecting ammunition, we headed across the street and commenced shooting.

I’ll just say that wandering fields on a beautiful late Winter, early Spring day is a mighty fine way to spend time outdoors. Add in the organization of occasionally stopping to shoot 10 clays just makes it all the more interesting. We didn’t hurry and spent a great couple of hours outside.

Slideshow of our day shooting skeet at the Richmond Hunting Club, Illinois:

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If you’re not interested in skeet shooting, the Richmond Hunting Club  also has paintball fields for open and organized playing. Our guide showed us some of the options as we walked and it looked really promising if that’s your cup of tea.

There is also pheasant and deer hunting, fishing, dog kennels and training services, as well as event planning. On weekends, a bar and grill is open to fill you up and re-hydrate you as needed (try the pheasant tenders, similar to chicken but definitely unique).

If you’re interested in a Richmond Hunting Club membership, option include individual and Corporate. Details are on the Hunting tab on their website. I’ve never been a member of a hunting club, so I have no idea if the rates are reasonable or not.

Richmond Hunting Club, Illinois shotgun shell

We visited the Richmond Hunt Club using a Groupon, which is a great way to save some money. However, my complaint is that the Groupon doesn’t cover everything you need for the day.

Our Groupon was for 2 people and 100 clays, including gun use and 50 shells – that meant that we were short 150 shells, so that was an added expense when we got there. I wish Groupons were for everything you needed to do the activity.

If you’ve never been shooting clays (or have but want a new venue), or if you’d like to try hunting, the Richmond Hunting Club is a great place to go. Far enough from home to make it a true outing, but not so far you’re not home with daylight to spare, this takes you away in all the right ways. Friendly service and a beautiful location make this the complete package for a great time in the outdoors.

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