Righteously Raw Organic Raw Cacao Bars Product Review

How cool is this? I requested some review samples of the Righteously Raw Organic Raw Cacao Bars and Audrey, the president of Earth Source Organics, sent me not just samples of each bar, but a super comfy Righteously Raw tee shirt! A six-year survivor of breast cancer, you just know that Audrey is an amazing woman by the saying at the bottom of her email: “The Most Essential Element To Flying Is The Courage To Leave the Ground……”

Righteously Raw Organic Raw Cacao Bars are:

Certified Organic
Certified Kosher
Certified Vegan
Certified Gluten Free
Soy Free and Non GMO
No Refined Sugars
Made in a Nut Free Facility
(Quite the outstanding list!)

Cacao contains over 300 compounds including: protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, iron, zinc, copper, calcium and magnesium. Magnesium helps to build strong bones and is a muscle relaxant associated with feelings of calmness. Cacao is also high in sulfur, which helps form strong nails and hair.

Açai Cacao Bar

Açai is a palm berry found in the Amazon rainforest and is a rich source of antioxidant flavonoids, plus it tastes great. The cacao bar also inlcudes Himalayan Pink Salt and Organic Raw Agave Nectar.

Caramel Cacao Bar

90% dark chocolate, low-glycemic Bahri dates (high in glucides and potassium) and the sub-tropical fruit lucuma (high in beta-carotene and iron) are several of the tasty ingredients in this bar.

Goji Cacao Bar

Along with the Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, organic raw agave nectar and organic cacao found in all the Righteously Raw Cacao Bars, this bar also features organic golden hunza raisins and goji berries, which enhance the immune system, improve circulation and eyesight, and protect the liver.

Maca Bar

Maca root is chock-full of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. It also rebuilds weak immune systems and enhances libido (hubba-hubba!). Best for endurance athletes (well, after the increased libido) is the benefit of maca increasing stamina.

So they are certified to be Organic, Kosher, Vegan, and Gluten Free. They are made entirely from raw, high frequency foods and retain their raw state throughout the entire process from raw ingredients to finished product. No refined sugars are used and everything is processed in a nut free facility. The question is: Do they taste good? Here’s the truth. At first I wasn’t sure. The first time I was kind of surprised, because these are unlike any other chocolate bars I’ve ever tried. Then, eureka! These are NOT chocolate bars, these are cacao bars, much closer to the source ingredients than I would have ever thought possible. These are really amazing and unexpected and different. I like different. Well-worth searching out. Super high quality, a new cacao experience, different is good!

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Yes, I’ve already started my winter beard. Muy macho, no?

(Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free to review on my blog – courtesy of Earth Source Organics. I did not pay for the items, receive payment for this review, or agree to give the items a positive review. Aside from information gleaned from the company website, the opinions are my own.)

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