RockNBlog: Rock ‘n’ Roll St Louis 5K

RockNBlog: Rock 'n' Roll St Louis 5K

Yup, you read that right. After not running Nashville and Chicago due to injury and lack of preparedness, respectively, I finally wised up and decided to change my race in St Louis to the 5K. This is beneficial in several ways.

One, I’ll probably be ready for a 5K in October, but unlikely to be ready for a half-mary, so there’s that. Running a 5K might actually be fun, whereas the half-marathon would probably be a grind. It’s supposed to be fun, right? The last thing is that the 5K, which is on the Saturday of race weekend, works better for me than the half-marathon, which is Sunday.

Check out my posts on training aids, the training for #RnRChicago I’ve done, and the cross training apps that are helping me along the way.

I’m just hoping that this change doesn’t mean I won’t get to meet up with Kate and Mike, especially since Mike was going to grill up some onion and bacon wrapped meat balls. That would be tough to miss.

RockNBlog: Rock 'n' Roll St Louis 5K
Tell me those don’t look amazing –
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Wonder how I did? Read about my run in St Louis.

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  1. Haven't been to Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series race but I would love to! And yeah, those meatballs really look amazing and delicious. Yum yum!

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