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We tested out three rōve products recently – rōve products keep you comfortably active with innovative products that can keep cold stuff cold, hot stuff hot, infuse drinks with flavor, and keep it all inside the item when away from home.


rōve - On the Go Living


The versatile 7 piece laptop Bistro Box has multiple compartments to mix and match meals of differing sizes as needed. It also comes with a detachable, reusable freezer pack to keep things cold and fresh. Things are made simpler since the Box is top-rack dishwasher safe and microwaveable. I love that this comes with a fork and spoon that snap into the lid – the reusable ice pack is a nice bonus. If they mad ethos in metal I would use it all the time.


Use fresh or frozen fruit, flavored ice or fresh herbs to infuse your water with this 20 Ounce Double Wall Flavor Infuser Tumbler. A dual access lid lets you sip through the mouthpiece or with the curved straw, and is double wall insulated to keep your drink cold, eliminate puddles, and reduce exterior condensation. Not sure that we’ll use this much, though we have done lemon and cucumber infused waters before, so this is a way to do it in a more neat way.


The 14 ounce double wall hot and cold hydration mug has a unique 360 degrees of sipping area all around the rim, opening at the push of a button. While initially a bit strange-feeling, it’s kind of nice not to have to hunt around for the mouthpiece while driving or otherwise occupied. Drinks stay hot or cold due to the double wall insulation, which reduces exterior condensation and eliminates puddles.


These are heavy-duty, BPA-free, plastic containers that should last for a good long while. rōve also has some metal containers, which is my preference, so take a look at their products even if you’re not a fan of plastic.

These products were provided for review purposes – all opinions are my own.

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  1. Looks good! Thing 2 still has me on the hunt for a bowl/Thermos-type thing so she can bring hot pasta, etc to school for lunch. So far I can't find.

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