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At SKORA we view Real Running as running how nature intended – efficient, effective and with ease. As the foot strikes the ground, contact is made in the middle of the foot, not at the heel. Running with a whole-foot gait results in less impact energy and force shock transmitted through the body than compared to the heel strike gait favored by conventional running shoes (built with large amounts of cushioning, support and a thicker heel).

At SKORA, we reject the terms “minimal”, “natural”, or “barefoot-style” when it comes to running. We believe there is only one way to run that respects our bodies — simply put, it is Real Running. Nothing more, nothing less.
Run Real.

When I first saw SKORA Running shoes, I truly did not know what to think. To say they look like no other shoes is an understatement – two things that come to mind are boat shoe and the phrase “funky but chic.” And yet, the fit is totally different than expected, slipper-like, semi-cushioned, wide but fitted. Almost indescribable – you need to wear them to understand.

SKORA Running Base Collage

Whether you are a longtime minimalist runner or someone just venturing into “barefoot-style” running shoes, these are probably the ideal shoe to add to your running gear. Long-time readers know I’ve dabbled with barefoot running, tried minimalist shoes and running sandals, and all were interesting, sufficient for running. (I realize that SKORA prefers not to use some of these terms, but they are a part of the running lexicon and at least somewhat understood by most readers.) I never thought that I’d find a pair of minimalist shoes that would truly work for me, both on a performance and a comfort level.
The SKORA Base (the model I received) is pretty funky looking, with crossing straps that use a hook and loop fastening system to secure the shoe more tightly to the foot. The actual shoe is a full slipper design, with the foot being slid into the upper. Something I overlooked initially was another hook and loop fastened strap at the back of the shoe, that can cinch the heel more snugly. Very cool feature and, as the shoes do not have laces, could not have been adjusted if it didn’t exist. Nice design. Overall a much more comfortable fit than might have been expected.
Fitwise, the shoes are probably different than most you’ve worn, at least that was the case for me. Initially I was worried about wearing these more minimal shoes, but I pretty quickly got up to 6 miles on the treadmill. These shoes had a nice balance of minimalist feeling with some cushioning for comfort. I finally got up the nerve to go outside a few times and was pleasantly surprised – the good feelings I’d built up about these shoes continued outside, both on paved and unpaved surfaces. One difference I immediately noticed was that my calves felt stiffer outside, a product of less cushioning between my body and the harder surfaces. This passed pretty quickly.

SKORA Running Let's Get Real

The SKORA Base is definitely a shoe I would recommend as a starter minimalist shoe – not being a veteran minimalist runner, can’t say how this shoe would work for them. The shoes definitely garner attention, so might not be appropriate if you’re a full-on wallflower. 🙂

Information can be found on the SKORA Running website,  by liking on Facebook, and by following on Twitter.

(Disclaimer: I was sent these shoes for free to review on my blog. I did not pay for the item, receive payment for this review, or agree to give a positive review. Aside from information gleaned from the company website, the opinions are my own.)

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  1. Nice, thorough review. I am just getting started in mine and I agree, they are very different than anything else I've run in. So comfy, that's for sure!

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