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Real Xtreme Rx Fight Gone Bad
3rd round, Fight Gone Bad

The proper tool makes for a much easier and more pleasant job, what ever form the work takes. For crosstraining, the right apparel can make or break a workout. Rx Apparel, started in 2011; “two guys searching for a pair of shorts that would be suitable for functional fitness.”

When crosstraining, it’s important to be able to move freely, without the apparel bunching, snagging, or holding you back in any way. Rx Apparel does that and more. I never felt constrained in these clothes, never felt like they did anything but make the workouts more pleasant. And, with the MMA-inspired design, the shorts made me look pretty badass, at least in my mind. I wore them for many workouts, most memorably for Fight Gone Bad, a WOD that goes on and on — the apparel made it doable (can’t imagine doing most WODs in uncomfortable clothes, let alone this one) and made me look good in the photo (if I do say so myself).

Real Xtreme RX CrossFit Apparel

The CrossFit inspired Combative Camo Shorts were perfect for every training situation. Made of a high tensile strength, ultra-light weight, 4-way stretch FLEX-SIL™ fabric, these feel great and move with you. The shirt, which doesn’t appear on their site anymore (and the name escapes me), is one of those magic tees that feels like your favorite cotton t-shirt, but acts like an efficient sweat wicking tech tee at the same time. The wonders of science…
Multiple washes and dryings later, both pieces look brand new — comfort and durability!

Newer apparel includes the Rx Women’s INSPIRE Capri and Rx Men’s ACTIVE Pants; made from pre-shrunk, anti-microbial and pill resistant material, these promise to be your go-to apparel when more coverage is needed or desired. If they’re anywhere near as comfortable as the shorts and shirt, these would be worn every day around my house.
If you’re in the market for crosstraining apparel (or just want to look cool at the gym), check out Rx Apparel — this is a apparel that works as designed, is comfortable before, during, and after, and looks awesome to boot.

Oh yeah, you can also take advantage of their custom branded apparel program to promote your Crossfit box, gym, MMA Academy, Personal Training services or Bootcamp!

For more information, check out the Rx Apparel website, follow them on Twitter, and like them on Facebook.

Disclaimer: These items were sent to me for review purposes — all opinions are my own.

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