Salomon Running EXO II 3/4 Tight Product Review


Salomon Running’s description: “A 3/4 length tight designed to improve performance. Exo Sensifit provides additional support to muscles, helping efficiency.”
I’ve been bothered in the past by some soreness in my hips, sometimes during a run, occasionally after. Rather than try to fix it by changing my gait or stretching, I decided to try compression shorts. I’m a big fan of Salomon Running gear, as it is impeccably made and seems to last forever. Thus, while initially not cheap to purchase, the gear is around for a long time, and the cost is amortized over the life of its use.
“The Salomon EXO II ¾-Tight keeps your legs feeling good, so you are free to focus on your form. Smart Skin technology balances protection from the elements with the support needs of your body so your muscles can move longer and recover faster. Flatlock seams won’t rub your legs raw so chafing is kept to a minimum.” That is the description from, where I purchased my pair.
Initially, the shorts/tights felt a bit strange. I had purchased a slightly smaller size than my current, due to big plans to lose big weight. While that hasn’t happened quite yet, these were still comfortable, as they are quite stretchy while being very supportive. Many people might scoff at the length and, truth be told, I’d rather have the shorts rather than the 3/4s, but it was all I could find. Rumor has it that the shorts will be available in March 2011, so there will be an opportunity to try those as well.
I’m here to tell you that these things work. Not only comfortable during the run, my hip problems have completely disappeared. What these tights supply more than anything is confidence. Since the hips don’t hurt during the run nor after, I feel more comfortable pushing the pace, distance, or both. While I’m still not entirely comfortable wearing these out in front of others, they have been a constant on my runs for the last month or so.



When the shorts become available, I’m going to do my best to get a pair. I’m also going to look into investing in the full-length tights. During the winter, a base layer of tights is often a necessity and, based on the quality, fit, and performance of the 3/4 tights, both other pairs will be a worthwhile investment. Highly recommended for anyone looking to extend their use of compression technology beyond socks and calf sleeves.
Other compression brands to check out: Compressport, Zensah, Skins, RecoFit, CEP, Opedix and X Compression.

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  1. I love my CW-X, but after purchasing the AMPro's from Saucony, I'd be reluctant to try any other compression shorts before determining that they really are compression. Were they truly compression or where they just form fitting? Thanks, great review!

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