Sam’s Natural Gear Review

Sam's Natural Gear Review

I’m a sucker for “natural” things, even though technically there is no formal definition of the word when it comes to commerce. However, when Sam’s Natural reached out with an offer to test out their products, I was all for it. New Hampshire-made products for him and her, they have a nice, woodsy look to the website and packaging and are “all-natural,” which seems borne out by the ingredients, though I will say that their labels use the smallest font I’ve ever seen, so half of it is illegible to me, haha (you can look them up on the website, so it’s all good). I received the After Shave Balm, Knuckle Wax, Birch Tar Soap, and Tea Tree Foot Soak for testing.

First off, let me say that their products smell amazing.

I especially loved the Tea Tree Foot Soak, which felt as great on the feet as it smelled good. There is something truly amazing about soaking one’s feet, something I often forget to indulge in – this product reminds me that my feet deserve some pampering on occasion.

The After Shave Balm is pretty unique in that it comes in a tube, like a large chapstick, which makes it really easy to apply everywhere, though massaging it in after applying was necessary, at least in my case. It seemed to last a lot longer than other products I’ve tried, maybe the wax that is one of the ingredients lends itself to that.

The Knuckle Wax looks and initially feels waxy, but there’s no stickiness after applying, which is a nice effect. I have really beat up hands, and this product made them look and feel great. A little bit of this goes a long way, so the small tub will probably last a good long while.

Birch Tar Soap just has a cool name, and a subtle smell that won’t overwhelm you. If you’re a fan of sudsing soaps this is not for you (one of the “negatives” of being better for the environment), but otherwise it’s a great option to the usual soaps you’ll find at you local stores.

Sam’s Natural products are handmade, vegan (though I wouldn’t add them to a diet), cruelty free, and the packaging is recyclable. In this case, while natural may not have a formal definition, you can tell the company is doing the right thing to the fullest extent possible.

*This product was provided for review purposes – all opinions are my own.

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