SANUS: Improving the Pain Cave

Many months back, I got an opportunity to improve the pain cave where I ride the trainer in winter, do my bodyweight exercise workouts, and hopefully run on the treadmill (once we get the budget for it). At the time I had a small flat monitor sitting on a shelving unit – definitely serviceable, but a distraction with all the other items on the shelves and only somewhat functional. Since I watch TV both on the bike and while working out, the fact that the monitor did not move was also a hindrance, as the height was not always appropriate fro what I wanted to do.

SANUS: Improving the Pain Cave

Enter SANUS. They sent me a Premium Series VSF415 Full Motion Mount to help solve those basic problems. It’s made to easily tilt, swivel, extend and level your TV monitor without having to use tools. I had high hopes of replacing my current monitor with a larger 39″ flat screen, but an extended Spring Break trip and other unexpected expenditures meant I had to make do. That’s one of the great things about this mount – it’s formatted for 13″ to 39″ flat panel TV’s up 50 pounds. My little 19″ screen was no problem and, when finances improve, I’ll easily be able to switch out the screens.

They also sent me the SA304 On-Wall Cable Management accessory, which not only organizes cables, but covers up the often unsightly mess. Since I’m running a cable from the Internet, 2 power cords, and the link from my Roku, this is really useful.

My original plan was to build a new wall to hide the unsightly foundation in our basement, but events delayed this project to the point of embarrassment. I scaled back the original plan to just a section of new wall to hold the new mount and to expand the possibilities of viewing the TV. Being a typical male, I figured I could probably put this together without any problems, but, since I was hanging something on the wall, I acted responsibly and followed the directions. So simple! Since the mount is made to fit a wide range of monitor sizes, there is quite a bit of hardware, but it’s initially just a matter of finding the correct size mating screws to fit the holes in the back of the TV you are using. Then you use the included stud finder to find where to mount the swivel arm (or included anchors if you cannot go into lumber). Once the arm is attached, it’s quite easy to attach the TV and mount onto it using a few pieces of hardware. Not an intimidating process at all.

The cable management accessory is almost as easy – the one difficulty is getting the initial piece to lay flat – SANUS suggests using a hair dryer to heat up the plastic and smooth it out. I just manhandled it on to the wall and used screws to keep it in position. Once the cables are gathered, the cover snaps onto the initial piece and you’re done, easy-peasy.

SANUS: Improving the Pain Cave

If you’re in the market to improve your pain cave (or your home theatre), mounting your TV onto the wall will make working out and watching TV a pleasure and so much easier. The versatility it gives you to adjust the angle, height, orientation, etc. becomes a must-have, and you wonder how you ever lived without it. SANUS makes high quality products that can change with you, are easily installed by following the included directions, and make your area cleaner anymore attractive. Definitely a worthwhile change.

These products were provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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