Sidi Zephyr Carbon Road Bike Shoes

I recently treated myself to so Sidi Zephyr Carbon Road Shoes as a way to jumpstart the spring cycling season. While I now primarily consider myself a runner, I still really enjoy cycling and, when I can afford to move up in quality or performance, I’m happy to do so. Now I’m not looking to race like Patrick or Craig, but speed coupled with comfort is always nice.
Perfect for club riders, amateurs or casual racers, these carbon-injected road bike shoes go the distance in training and racing. Molded heel cup, padded tongue with fit “relievers” and three Velcro straps for a power-enhancing fit.
  • Millennium III carbon injected sole is 56% more rigid than the previous Millennium II sole, more durable and less susceptible to changes in stiffness due to prolonged use and altering temperatures
  • Synthetic leather and breathable mesh upper keep your feet cool and protected while you hammer up those hills
  • Molded heel cup puts you in position for maximum pedal power
  • Replaceable heel tab makes walking easier than ever
  • Padded tongue with fit relievers distributes pressure evenly for extra comfort
  • 3 Velcro straps guarantee a secure fit
I brought my current shoes, a pair of entry-level Sidis I’ve had since at least 2007 (can’t remember the model name), so I could somewhat compare the 2 shoes. My old shoes were in decent shape, but, after consulting with my bike authority Patrick, I decided that the step up to the carbon sole was probably worthwhile. I purposefully also waited a week to make sure this was not an impulse buy. Putting one old and one new shoe on each foot, I could immediately feel the difference in fit. The cut looks very similar, but the Zephyrs were clearly the more snug and form-fitting, perhaps because of the 3rd strap, perhaps for reasons I could not fathom. Since I was stepping up in performance, I decided to also pick up a new pair of Look Keo cleats, to start completely fresh. This way I also have an ever-ready backup pair should the need arise.
Though they felt better in the store, the Zephyrs would reveal themselves as superior (or not) on the bike. On the trainer, the feeling was immediately different, obviously superior. I felt like, with a similar effort to my normal spins, I was turning the cranks faster and with more power transfer than before. I instantly became a believer.
If you are in the market for a new road bike shoe, or are buying yourself your first pair, I would definitely counsel paying the extra for even an entry-level pair of carbon-soled shoes. I’ve only ever tried Sidis, so I’m partial to their fit, but whatever brand you choose, go carbon.

9 thoughts on “Sidi Zephyr Carbon Road Bike Shoes

  1. I would get so hurt if I were at all attached to my bike. I would be like a sitting duck. I fall off the thing just getting on! But I can imagine and have heard that bike shoes really do amazing things. Maybe someday I'll get to experience that 🙂

  2. Thanks for the review. I've been cycling and doing triathlons in my mtb shoe. I plan to replace them for next season and will go carbon.

  3. As I said in our consultation, I've definitely noticed an improvement in power and efficiency every time I've added the stiffness of carbon the drive train equation. Nice choice, K

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