Simple Squares Organic Nutrition Bars Gear Review

If mealtimes are important during backpacking treks, snacktime is even more so. During the day, to keep energy up, you have to eat. And, hopefully, you get to snack on yummy things – if they are good for you as well is a huge bonus. Who knew there was a healthy snack food company located near me in Chicago? Simple Squares, one of our UintasHike16 partners is located there and is truly unique, being organic “unfired fare.”

Simple Squares Organic Nutrition Bars Gear Review

With Simple Squares, less is more. They are savory-sweet, organic nutrition bars infused with honey and herbs, with each herb and spice chosen for their health benefits. The bars are created using organic whole food ingredients – those that are processed and refined as little as possible.

There are no syrups, fillers or preservatives for a quick fix. One difference from other snack bars is that Simple Squares are unfired fare, meaning they are never cooked or baked. All Simple Squares are gluten-free, so people with dietary concerns or following a Paleo diet have a good option in these.

On the trail, I decided that I liked the flavors, but I wasn’t totally sold on the texture. Since the bars are not cooked or baked, the texture is quite soft. I’m more of a chewy snack person, so that was my only issue. With 6 flavors, you’re sure to find one you like, so if you like the texture, you are golden.

The fact that Simple Squares has put so much thought into their products makes me a fan – organic, whole food, and beneficial herbs adds up to a quality bar. If they could figure out a way to add some chewiness to their bars, these would be even better.

* These bars were provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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