Somnio Running Westridge Trail Shoe Product Review

(Somnio Running Westridge Trail Shoes after my first run, wearing my Nathan Shoe Pocket for the Nike+ sensor, my CEP Compression Sleeves, and the Smartwool Experia Socks I won on DestinationAthlete’s blog)
About a month ago, I was fitted for a new pair of Somnio Running Westridge Trail Shoes (see earlier post). When the shoes finally came in the mail, I was excited to try them out, so I ran the very next morning and have worn them exclusively over the last runs (approximately 30 miles). Here are my impressions.
Green Score:
Somnio Running, while not stating it on their website, is, for a shoe company, relatively green. The shoes came in a cardboard box, in which there was the shoe box (which appears to be made of recycled cardboard), some wrapping paper for the shoes, and nothing else; no peanuts, no extraneous stuff.
Customer Service
As mentioned in my earlier post, the fitting process is detailed and, if by some chance your feet are different sizes, Somnio will work with you! They also have a great guarantee for either exchanges or returns:

At Somnio we understand that running shoes are a personal choice and that to truly know if a shoe is going to work, you’ll need to put in some miles. In the chance that you are not happy, there are probably a few minor adjustments that we can change in order to make them perfect. Call us! We’re here to help and are happy to make an exchange for the parts, model or size that you prefer. We can be reached M-F, 8-5 PST at 866.966.RUN1(7861).

In the event that you don’t fall in love, we offer a 30 day return policy for purchases made through our online store. All we ask is that you send the items back to us in the original packaging and make sure that the merchandise is in new or unused condition. Returns are accepted within 30 days from your shipment date.

 After I posted my shoe fitting, Somnio called me and let me know that what I had told them on the phone and the prescription I posted were actually a little different  and sent me new inserts that were correct. That’s great customer service.


The detailed fitting made me think that the shoes would be comfortable right out of the box. However, when I first put them on, I thought, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….not so sure about these. I walked around the house and thought, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….not so sure about these. Still, I decided not to be too hasty and stepped outside to begin my run. Somnio is Latin for “dream.” And that’s what they were. These shoes are not made for wearing around the house. These shoes are not made for walking around the house. These shoes are made for running. First off, these Westridge Taril Shoes are probably the lightest trail shoes you’ll ever wear. While the weight is light, the protection is not – I ran on gravel, dirt, over roots and stones, and never had a problem with any of them. This is like wearing armored slippers.

My runs included straight road tempo runs, trail runs, intervals at the track, sand dune sprints, and my longer runs on the weekends. The Westridge handled everything with aplomb. I can say that there is not a type of running that was not extremely comfortable with these shoes.

One caveat. As my fitter mentioned, Somnio Running Shoes run a little on the small size. My size 13s just barely fit – I would probably preferred a 13.5 in these shoes, but it was no problem wearing them with thinner socks.

This is a personal complaint, but it may not bother everyone. I tend to wear very low-cut socks and these shoes rubbed my heel on those days. When I wore crews or higher, no problem. So for me, these would probably not work for sockless running. Not a big deal in any way, just worth a mention in case you find the same.

The Cost

Initially the cost of the shoes ($130.00 – 160.00) seems pricey. However, after running in them, I can say  they are probably worth every penny. Most of us probably spend around $100.00 for a good pair of running shoes. I don’t wear orthotics, but my wife does and, even with insurance, her custom orthotics were Expensive! If she could get these custom-fitted and did not have to wear the orthotics, we’d be FAR ahead financially. Also, while the $100.00 shoes might be fine (unless you have to cut them to make them fit), so to pay a slight premium for a custom fit (even different sizes!) seems well-worth it.

Final Thoughts

These Somnio Westridge’s will definitely be an integral part of my shoe rotation – as mentioned, they are comfortable in every situation. I’ve asked both my local running stores to carry them, if not for me, then definitely for my wife. Highly recommended as a shoe company that has an innovative product, great customer service, and results to back up their claims.

(Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free to review on my blog – courtesy of Somnio Running. I did not pay for the item, receive payment, or agree to give it a positive review. Aside from information gleaned from the company website, the opinions are my own.)

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