SoulCare by CCC Gear Review

When Jes came onboard as a UintasHike16 participant, she also brought onboard as a partner her company, SoulCare by CCC. We were provided 2 products: Keep the Peace Trail Mist and Sol 2 Soul: Outdoor Lovers Body Balm.

SoulCare by CCC Gear Review

SoulCare by CCC is a line of handmade products (each product has been crafted by Jes) that are simple, natural, organic, and botanical body care remedies responsibly sourced from nature.

Beyond the products, SoulCare by CCC is also beginning to host workshops that will focus on healing, growth, education, and wellness practices along with guided meditations, hiking and yoga. Additional activities will include making tinctures and salves directly from the plant life that surrounds the workshops.

SoulCare by CCC Gear Review

When I first smelled one of the other hikers using Keep the Peace Trail Mist, I couldn’t believe how great it smelled. Better than that, this mist not only smells good, it actually repels insects. After spraying my legs, I could literally see mosquitos come in for a landing and veer off before touching down.

Unfortunately, the duration of the protection was limited, but it gave me enough time to get long sleeves and pants on when the bugs got their worst. Since the ingredients are healthy and non-toxic, I happily sprayed this on my face, neck and ears to give myself some protection around the head.

Sol 2 Sol Outdoor Lovers Body Balm

While the Sol 2 Soul: Outdoor Lovers Body Balm is not as fragrant as the Trail Mist, it’s equally pleasing. This product is handcrafted to protect, heal and hydrate the skin, and I used it after face washing on the trail, both to keep my skin happy but also as a sun screen.

After the hike, I continued using it as a post-shave blame to soothe irritated skin, both during ORShow and now at home as well. It’s a little unusual in that it separates slightly in the tin and also must be vigorously massaged into the skin, but it seems to work for a long time, so the extra effort is well worth it.

I’m a fan of companies that work to promote well-being not just for people but for the environment as well. SoulCare by CCC has products that work, smell great, and also are produced and packaged in a responsible way. Kudos to Jes for doing it right.

*These products were provided for testing purposes – all opinions are my own.

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