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I was lucky enough to hook up with StrongerRX recently and get some of their gear for a review. With CrossFit becoming more popular, apparel companies are recognizing the need for clothing that can support the dynamic movements, as well as the strains put on both body and gear. StrongerRX started as a vision which was to provide the athletic community with a new breed of performance apparel that provides the latest styles, comfort and reliability; its goal is to deliver superior performance wear.

StrongerRX Wod Shorts and RTG Gloves

The Wod Shorts (designed for CrossFit by CrossFitters) combine a cool board short design with a lightweight combination of materials, flex panels, and a secure closure system that has both Velcro and drawstrings for perfect fit. These are great shorts for Crossfit, as they move with you and not against you, seem well-made, and make you feel like a badass at the same time.

The RTG Glove (Black) are designed to follow the contours to your hand, resulting in comfort while also protecting. These CrossFit cloves prevent blisters, calluses, and bloody hands that are the plague of so many. In addition these RTG Gloves for CrossFit reduce hand fatigue, which allows you to focus on the movement at hand, be it Olympic Weightlifting or pull-ups. I certainly appreciated the gloves, especially in my garage gym, where my pull-up bar is cast iron, pretty rough on the hands, but much more comfortable with the RTG Gloves.

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Disclaimer: I was sent these items for review. All opinions are my own.

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