The benefits of stand up paddle boarding are many and varied, based on it being a very good overall workout for the entire body. It’s a great form of cross-training, as it is a low impact exercise that is at once aerobic and strength building. It also aids in strengthening balance, is a great core workout, and offers cardiovascular benefits. Add its stress relieving properties and its good for one’s being as well. Maybe the best benefits of stand up paddle boarding are that it’s an activity that everyone can do (even simultaneously on the same board) and it can be done anywhere there is enough water to float the board.


A few weeks ago I pulled the trigger and bought my first stand up paddle board, a BIC SUP Air Tour 12’6″. I bought it after conferring on FB with one of the BIC SUP ambassadors, Shannon Thomas. As a beginning stand up paddle boarder, I needed a stable platform, a board that could be used for longer paddles on flat water, and was easy to transport. Ultimately, an inflatable board was the way to go.

The board is all I hoped for and more. It is easily stored and carried in its included backpack and, while the pump isn’t magic, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to pump it up. Deflating it is even easier. The red, white and blue colors wouldn’t be my first choice, but they certainly are striking.


This weekend was my first chance to get it in the water, during a camping trip with my littlest up to Ottawa Lake in the Kettle Moraine Southern Unit in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, our time on the water was brief. The little one felt the water was too cold and with a lot of blustery wind he was worried about falling in. After a few minutes of near shore goofing around, we pulled the plug and went on our way.

I’m really looking forward to getting more use out of this (specifically for overall fitness), moving into SUP camping, and also getting out onto the frozen waters during winter.

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