Survival: Are You Prepared? (Three Manuals to Help You Get Ready)

Life can be scary at times, even when things are going normally. Beyond the manmade catastrophes we’re exposed to each day (terrorism, violence, pollution, etc.), Mother Nature is fickle as well, sending us monster storms (like a Polar Vortex), earthquakes, and so on.

You don’t need to be a pepper or a doomsday advocate to know that survival depends on one’s preparedness – happily, there are pros out there willing to share tips and tricks on how to survive. Outdoor Life has teamed with some great outdoors and survival practitioners to prepare 3 manuals that should get you ready for anything.

Survival: Are You Prepared? (Three Manuals to Help You Get Ready)

Godzilla El Niño is on everyone’s mind, as we hope for the best but expect the worst. Tim MacWelch has 157 skills and tips to help you prepare for and then ride out the worst Winter can offer in The Ultimate Winter Survival Handbook.

From the humdrum of getting your furnace and cars winterized to the more subtle pitfalls of Seasonal Affective Disorder, nothing is overlooked. Learn how to use everyday objects such as jars, cans, and foil to be prepared for winter survival.

Survival: Are You Prepared? (Three Manuals to Help You Get Ready)

Maybe it’s not Winter where you live or while you’re reading The Extreme Weather Survival Manual. Dennis Mersereau has you covered, moving through the seasons and giving you tips on how to weather (haha) tornadoes, hurricanes, drought, and more.

Become an amateur meteorologist to self-forecast impending weather and learn how to read current conditions to know whether you need to find shelter. If you do shelter in place, get information on how to prepare that space for long term survival.

Survival: Are You Prepared? (Three Manuals to Help You Get Ready)

Joseph Pred weighs in with an overall look at survival that is not weather-influenced necessarily in The Emergency Survival Manual. This manual helps you assess various situations and respond appropriately to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your material goods.

Need to teach kids? Turns out there’s a whole Zombie Preparedness kit that uses the forthcoming (possible) Zombie Apocalypse to teach your kids (and you) everyday survival. Fun idea.

One of the best things about this book are the Resource Lists in the Appendix, which guide you step by step in assessing whether you’re ready, from writing down everyone at your home (don’t forget your pets!) to knowing what’s safe to eat to planning your evacuation route if you need to get out.

Three survival books, three different authors, all simple and easy to understand and use. While there is some overlap among the three, Outdoor Life has done a good job of presenting different and complementary information in each book. Fun to read and good resources to have while planning to fight Zombies.

(Books were provided for review purposes – all opinions are my own.)

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