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Not sure about the ladies, but pretty much every boy and man likes playing with sharp objects and fire. Put the two together and you’ve got a Holy Grail of outdoor fun. Enter the Swedish FireKnife.

The Swedish FireKnife is a colorful outdoor knife with FireSteel® fire starter. It is a collaboration between Light My Fire  and Mora of Sweden,  who have made top-notch knives for 120 years.
Colorful, yes. Useful, yes. But this is more than just an extremely sharp, flexible and sturdy all-around knife: the handle contains a fire starter. In other words, you can gut and clean a fish, split kindling and light a campfire with one single handy tool.
The FireKnife includes a sheath with clip, a high-friction rubber handle (easy to grip), and an embedded FireSteel® firestarter in the handle, so it’s a compact all-in-one unit. The firestarter is of magnesium alloy, so it works when wet. Outdoor geek warning: the FireKnife starter produces a 2,980°C (5,400°F) spark – that’ll get your campfires, gas-stoves, and gas-barbecues going!

It’s pretty lightweight and the handy sheath clip means you can attach it to your belt or backpack and carry it along. Initially I was skeptical of the Cyan Blue color (it also comes in an orange, green, red or conservative black version), but there is no way to misplace this when it pretty much glows in the dark, so that’s definitely a positive.

Pretty simple to use – get some flammable material, twist out the firestarter from the handle, then drag the blade across the firestarter to create sparks. Voila, flame!
Check out the makers of the Swedish FireKnife on Facebook  and YouTube.

(Disclaimer: I was sent this knife for free to review on my blog, courtesy of Light My Fire, via Asylum PR.  I did not pay for the item, receive payment for this review, or agree to give a positive review. Aside from information gleaned from the company website, the opinions are my own.)

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2 thoughts on “Swedish FireKnife

  1. My son would totally want this for camping, etc. I'll wait to get it until I think I can trust him not to start fires in inappropriate places (he's about to turn 11).

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