Teton Sports ALTOS-S +20°F Sleeping Bag Review

Teton Sports ALTOS-S +20°F Sleeping Bag in snow

It has been cold, to say the least. Camping out and shivering through the night in a sleeping bag just hasn’t been high on my wish list of things to do. But I’m dialing in my winter camping (favorite season for it) in my car (favorite way to camp), so testing a sample of the Teton Sports ALTOS-S +20°F Sleeping Bag couldn’t be put off.

The sleeping bag is filled Spectrum S, which contains both natural and recycled materials. The bag was made using a cleaner and more efficient manufacturing process,  so Teton Sports is helping the environment while keeping costs down. Win-win situation.

Teton Sports ALTOS-S +20°F Sleeping Bag - cat approved

One of the benefits of synthetic down is that it retains its ability to keep you warm even when wet. I chickened out and did not get the bag wet for testing – with temps dipping into the negatives with windchill, it just didn’t seem sensible.

That being said, this is a warm sleeping bag. It’s rated to +20°F (-6.5°C) and, as with so many of their bags, feels warmer. This is probably due to the  down, design, and full-length zipper draft tubes keeping cold air out.

Teton Sports ALTOS-S +20°F Sleeping Bag - fun for all ages

The liner makes this bag cozy feeling, while also allowing ease of entry and exit. An interior zip pocket keeps your phone warm and usable or stores other necessary gear, like midnight snacks.

At 84” long, 32” wide at the shoulders, and 17” in the footbox, this is a bag that fits bigger folks – I can actually roll over in the bag with no problems, not always the case in others.

Teton Sports ALTOS-S +20°F Sleeping Bag in stuff sack

Literally the only negative I can think of is that it comes in a left zip only, which is opposite of my preference. Not something that would keep me from buying this bag.

Price: $109.99
Dimensions: 84″ x 32″ (shoulders) x 17″ (footbox)
Weight: 2.8 lbs

Also available in a 0°F model.

*This item provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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  1. I’m in the market for a new bag, so I appreciate this review. About how large would you say this packs down? I’m always trying to balance warmth and packability!

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