Teton Sports LEEF +20 Ultralight with Body Mapping Sleeping Bag

Teton Sports is one of my favorite outdoor brands, partly for their quality gear, but mostly for their participation through social media and support of their planned happenings (head to Salt Lake City come Outdoor Retailer time for a #hikerchat outing and party, always a blast). When partner sponsors were announced for Hell Hike And Raft 2015, it was awesome to see Teton announced early on. They really came through, providing us both the Escape4300 backpack along with the LEEF +20 Ultralight with Body Mapping Sleeping Bag.

Teton Sports LEEF +20 Ultralight with Body Mapping Sleeping Bag

This bag was originally used on a 3 day hike through the Seven Devils Mountains in Idaho, followed by 3 days of whitewater rafting down the Snake River, though it was usually too warm to use on those 3 nights. Subsequent testing was done via car camping, with one teen and one adult tester.

Compared to other similar products, this bag comes in a little heavier, but a lot less expensive. Despite the relatively lower cost, this bag performed to specifications and maintained its durability over many test nights. Sizing was an issue with this particular bag, though discussion with other owners has proven that this may be an outlier; compressibility is also less than other similar bags, but the bag returns its loft quickly after being compressed.

Teton Sports LEEF +20 Ultralight with Body Mapping Sleeping Bag

Advertised as fitting larger frames, but I (6’0”, 230 pounds) felt the bag was a bit constricting – this particular bag measured only 84” rather than the 87” specified, so that might explain it. This bag was perfect for our smaller tester (5’10”, 150 pounds). The “body mapping” with warmer vaulted foot-box was appreciated by the resulting warm feet. The full-length zipper baffle was an appreciated feature, as was the tight-fitting mummy hood. Unused was the zippered interior pocket.

Both testers felt that this bag was true to its temp rating. The hood cinched down tightly, leaving only face exposed with no draft, while the full length zipper baffle worked as designed, with no cold air creeping in. Warm feet, lack of drafts, and an adjustable hood make this very user-friendly. For a modest weight bump (about half a pound heavier than many others), this bag’s performance was right on.

The bag barely fits into its 7×15 inch sack, and that with only concerted effort, though the bag does return to form quickly after removing from stuff sack and spreading out – shaking it out speeds the process. 
Apart from the noted sizing issue, this is a very comfortable bag, allowing room to maneuver, though less so for bigger campers.

Teton Sports LEEF +20 Ultralight with Body Mapping Sleeping Bag

PolarLite™ micro fiber insulation keeps you warm and compresses down reasonably in this aggressively priced cold weather sleeping bag. Some of the negatives include the sizing being off (this bag was short), the compressed bag is somewhat bulky, and is available left zip only. The positives outweigh the negatives, though, in that this bag is well-priced, has outstanding comfort, and has held its loft well through much use. For the price, an excellent option for those willing to sacrifice some ounces for very good performance. Add in Teton Sports’ extra-mile customer service policy, and you won’t find a better bag at this price.

Price: $89.95
Dimensions: 87″ x 34″ x 22″
Weight: 3.5 pounds

Bag provided for field testing purposes – all opinions are my own.

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11 thoughts on “Teton Sports LEEF +20 Ultralight with Body Mapping Sleeping Bag

  1. My brother’s been telling me to pick one of these up but I’ve been such a skeptic. Thanks to your review, I think I’m convinced that I need this. For $90 I think it’s worth the trouble. Any recommendations for tents?

    1. Marcus, so glad you’re going to try them out, you won’t be disappointed. As for tents, too many to pick just one, haha. What size are you looking for, what are you using it for, and how much money do you want to spend? >

  2. now i cant decide between the leef and the altos-s . im almost the same height and weight as you

  3. Now i cant decide between the leef and the altos-s. im almost the same height and weight as you and would prob prefer the roomier of the two. it is weird because the altos is supposed to be a bit smaller than the leef!

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