Tevasphere: Live Better Stories

When Teva contacted us at the end of Spring and suggested they send us a pair of the new Tevasphere trail shoes, a Tevasphere tech tee, a GoPro camera, and a Camelbak to hydrate our adventures, we couldn’t wait to get our packs and get started. Teva told us to “Live Better Stories.” That became our mantra this summer and beyond, and is still inspiring us moving forward.

Tevasphere Live Better Stories

Live Better Stories got us off the beach and into the water, making videos of the sand patterns and water and sky. Live Better Stories made us push past poison ivy to reach geocaches in forest preserves we would never otherwise have visited. Live Better Stories means we’re skiing now, in the Midwest, rather than waiting for Colorado as in other years. Live Better Stories meant camping and getting the kids outdoors and having them ask for more.

Wearing the new Tevasphere trail shoes meant another good reason to walk in the woods or on a new trail, or in a whole different state. Testing a new product is almost always fun – the thought that we should Live Better Stories made us seek out more, something different.

Tazer bought a GoPro a few years ago, and has sporadically played with it ever since. Having one for myself meant bringing it out at the lake, on the slopes, in the forest. Watching the videos brought back the good times and had us planning more.

Skiing at Wilmot Mountain – shot with a GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition

The Camelbak turned out perfect in more ways than one – the Cloud Walker, sized for day hiking, became our geocaching goodie bag, holding GPS units, geocache passports, pens, trinkets, and snacks. Just looking at it made us want to seek out new ones. Geocaching is (besides the poison ivy) hands-down one of our family’s favorite ways to get outside. New places, in the weeds, treasure at the end, what could be better?

I had planned on writing a more formal product review when these first arrived. But I quickly realized that all the gear worked as described, as designed, as needed. What it really did was to get us off our butts, it got us thinking about new and better adventures, it made us more active as a family. That was the true value of this package. It could do the same for you.

Live Better Stories.
Disclaimer: These products were sent for review purposes.

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