The CrossFit Garage Gym: Jump Rope

The first article in a series that will chronicle my effort to create a decent CrossFit Garage Gym, without spending an inordinate amount of money. As a CrossFit beginner, I know I need to be practicing my skills outside of the Box — a home gym is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Nike Weighted Jump Rope

Every CrossFit garage gym should have a good jump rope — this allows you to work your cardiorespiratory efficiency and a CrossFit staple, the double unders. Jump rope sessions also lead to improvements in agility, balance, and coordination.

CrossFit HQ DoubleUnders:

Jump ropes are a versatile piece of equipment, being highly portable and not dependent on weather. To maintain your rope, use it as often as possible on softer surfaces such as rubber flooring and check often for wear and tear.


First step in buying a jump rope (or evaluating one you already have) is to size the jump rope. Most of what you will find researching the Internet is roughly the same:
To start, stand (with one foot) on the middle of the rope.
Then, pull straight up on the rope handles, making the jump rope taut.
If you are a beginner, the top of the handles should be around your shoulders.
For those with jump rope experience (or to make double unders easier), the top of the handles should be roughly at the armpits.
Should the jump rope reach above the shoulders, shortening the rope is suggested.
A jump rope can be shortened by knotting the rope below the handles, though this is a temporary fix. Check your manufacturer’s website on how to shorten it permanently.
Years ago, Laima bought me a Nike Weighted Jump Rope (unfortunately not available anymore), which is a great beginner’s rope, in my opinion. It features weighted handles, is a moderate-swing-speed weighted rope, and the adjustable length fits users up to 6’6″ tall. I especially appreciate the soft, contoured grips.
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6 thoughts on “The CrossFit Garage Gym: Jump Rope

  1. 1. Totally crazy, so many better things to do with a garage.
    2. Isn't everything bigger in TX? Should be plenty of room in your spacious garage for a gym.
    3. If you can pull cars in to the garage, you can also pull them out. 🙂

  2. It can be an extremely effective full-body workout that you can do almost anywhere and can save you time by combining your cardiovascular workout with toning your lower body, abs, and arms.

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