The CrossFit Garage Gym: Pull-Up Bar

One of my favorite things about CrossFit is how many bodyweight exercises are part of the program. The problem for me is that I am nowhere near bodyweight fit. Pull-Ups are my nemesis — pretty much every other exercise I feel like I’m making progress, but not so much in the pull-ups (of course it’s only been a month or so since I started CrossFit, so there is hope…). Even though I’m not too keen on them, I recognize them as a weakness, and the need for more practice. One of my goals this year is to do an unassisted pull-up by my birthday in March, and 10 or more unassisted by the end of the year. Hence the pull-up bar in my garage.


Since this garage gym is all about DIY and keeping the costs down, I headed over to my local hardware store to purchase some black pipe and end caps — total cost about $23.00. I didn’t have the proper drill bit size for the pipe, so I added a spade bit for about $10. Luckily, I had screws and miscellaneous lumber hanging around, so I was able to reinforce the rafters without any more outlay.



One last thing I added was the Rage Pull Up Assist — it comes with a bar strap, quick link and three resistance bands, making it very easy to change the level of assistance.


Rage Pull-Up Assist


I also put up a pull-up bar in the basement for my kids to use (I had an old door mount version from before) — I imagine my kids will be doing kipping pull-ups in no time at all! They love the idea of CrossFit Kids.



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7 thoughts on “The CrossFit Garage Gym: Pull-Up Bar

  1. Pull ups are so challenging. We don't have a bar but a structure for doing pullups as well as stomach crunches etc. I still have yet to accomplish one (yes one – for shame!) form correct pull up. I think when you have a long body it's tougher – or maybe that's just my excuse.

  2. The bands are awesome, I think! I really am enjoying Crossfit and am sad that my 30 days will be up soon. If we didn't belong to a gym system here that we'll never leave (me for the pool, Todd for the basketball) I'd join up. I need to follow your footsteps and make a home gym.

  3. Pull-ups were my nemesis and definite weakness, but I worked on them before or after class a LOT. We also have a doorframe bar at the house but you can't quite kip on that (or I'm too afraid to haha), but I get some practice in there too. Gotta work the goats!

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