The Hot Seat Review

The Hot Seat heated chair

When I was offered a chance to preview The Hot Seat from Pop Design, I couldn’t wait for the sample to arrive. Because…because I have winter camping on my mind. And also the endless sports on the weekends now that school has started.

The Hot Seat is a stadium chair that features adjustable USB-powered ThermaGridz heating technology, which lets you stay comfortable while watching games on cold days or nights. A simple push of a button makes your seat 100 – 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Hot Seat heated chair

You need to provide a portable battery and the length of time it provides warmth is dependent on the size of the battery. A small power bank will fit in the pocket with the cord and control, while a larger one will have to go into the larger pocket above, on the armrest.

The Hot Seat has four hidden zipper pockets that let you carry a spare battery, store your phone, even hold your water bottle. The arms fold up or down as needed, either for comfort or to make the chair wider.

The Hot Seat heated chair

I got lucky and we had a few miserable days here in the Midwest over the last week, an early harbinger of crisp Fall days and even colder ones come Winter. One day, I took The Hot Seat and hiked it into a campsite here in the Indiana Dunes, then pretended I was sitting in front of the campfire during a Winter campout.

Even without the flames, sitting in the rain was quite comfy with the heat up high, except for the mosquitos that were excited to have a treat midweek. Nothing the chair can do about that.

The Hot Seat heated chair

This weekend I got to try the chair at both a soccer and a flag football game. With or without the heat, The Hot Seat proved comfortable and easy to bring along.

At a claimed 10 pounds, this is not a lightweight chair, though I felt like it weighed quite a bit less. With backpack straps and the seat folding flat for storage or carrying, this is easy to bring just about anywhere.

The Hot Seat on the bleachers

My son’s wrestling matches are almost always in rooms or gyms with bleacher seating, so a stadium chair is almost mandatory, especially for tournament weekends. The Hot Seat is a great option, because the comfort is still there even if you don’t need the heat.

Check out and support the Kickstarter campaign:

The Hot Seat works with heat or without, is easy to transport and store, and will keep your butt warm, whether you’re sitting in the stadium stands or camping on a cool night.

Now available on Indiegogo!

*This product provided for editorial purposes – all opinions are my own.

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