The North Face Running Gear

As a TNFLocal, I get the occasional package from The North Face, usually with gear to try out and sometimes with odder items (harmonica anyone?). As an avid gear tester and TNF fan, this is a great setup. The last care package consisted of running gear to support me running in The North Face Endurance Challenge Wisconsin (I’m running the 5K if you have forgotten or are a new reader.)

The North Face Running Gear

TNF sent me gear to outfit me head to toe: a Better Than Naked short sleeve technical T-shirt, the Better Than Naked Long Haul Short, Ultra Endurance trail running shoes, and oddly enough, PhD® Outdoor Ultra Light Micro Socks from Smartwool (maybe TNF doesn’t carry socks anymore).

All 4 of these items worked great – here are some quick thoughts I have:

  • Better Than Naked short sleeve technical T-shirt: worked as promised – not sure why some tech tees rub me the wrong way (literally), but this shirt chafed my nipples, though not every time.
  • Better Than Naked Long Haul Short: love the semi-compression liner (all running short should have liners, in my opinion);  appreciated the small zippered pocket in the back (fits my iPhone 6 with Catalyst case); thought the wide waistband was pretty cool, but did NOT like the drawstring system (not actually encased in waistband, becomes undone easily, kind of hard to describe, but take my word for it, it’s too complicated for no apparent reason).
  • Ultra Endurance trail running shoes: really liking TNF shoes these days, not sure if they changed lasts or something, but these were great for my semi-wide feet and felt good on the trails as well as the streets; strange laces but they stayed tied, so not an issue.
  • PhD® Outdoor Ultra Light Micro Socks: very short socks – I prefer slightly longer, just above the ankle, but there was no fault in the performance, my feet felt great in these.

Thanks to TNF for including me in the program, excited to see what comes next!

Put all this gear into a Surge Transit backpack and you’re ready for the trail!

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