Titan Great Outdoors Cowboy Cauldron Review

Titan Great Outdoors Cowboy Cauldron

When I moved the Midwest Basecamp Global HQ to a lake house in the Indiana Dunes, I knew I wanted to get a grill to enjoy cooking outdoors. I didn’t want just any grill, however, I wanted to find something unique. Enter the cowboy cauldron.

Technically, the Titan Great Outdoors Cowboy Cauldron is not a true cowboy cauldron, as it has a hole in the bottom to allow for rain and other moisture to drain out. This means I can’t make soup or other food in the cauldron that requires a watertight cooking implement. I suppose I could add a rubber stopper of some sort if I actualy wanted to make a vat of soup.

Initially, I was amazed at the extremely high prices I found for cowboy cauldrons. I wanted a cool grill, but $1700 was just way above my budget. When I discovered the Titan Cauldron at a fraction of the price, I was skeptical, but the low price and good reviews made me comfortable taking a chance.

Titan Great Outdoors Cowboy Cauldron

Am I ever glad I did. This is a heavy-duty, last forever, pass it down to your kids cauldron. Not only is the quality obvious, but it looks really cool and comes with everything you need to set it up. Get some help, though, at 100 pounds this is pretty tough to wrangle on your own.

The 29″ Titan Cauldron can be used as a fire pit or grill. Hanging from a tripod, the cauldron sits rock steady and it would take a strong wind to get it to swing. About 6 feet tall and about 4.5 feet around at the base, this is imposing but actually doesn’t take that much space.

We’ve used this for everything from grilling meat to making s’mores. It uses whatever fuel you have available that burns, whether it’s firewood or charcoal. It’s a big kettle though, so if you fill it, expect to keep an eye on it for a few hours.

Titan Great Outdoors Cowboy Cauldron

My only complaint is that the grill grate sits at the very top of the cauldron and there is no way to adjust the height. I solved this problem by buying a 24″ grill grate that I can set down lower in the cauldron while still allowing charcoal or wood to sit below it.

The cowboy cauldron (and many other cool metal products, I also bought a couple porch benches) can be purchased at Titan Great Outdoors. Quality products and quick shipping make me comfortable recommending this company.

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    1. The tripod came with the cauldron. Maybe they went to something new but mine is very sturdy.

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