Today is Take a Hike Day!

Take a Hike Day occurs annually on November 17th and is a great reminder to get outside and enjoy the Fall or early Winter weather. On top of being out in nature, with its great views and clean air, hiking has a lot of great benefits: lowers risk of heart disease (it is a cardio workout after all); builds strength and bone density; improves balance, aids in weight control; and, most importantly, being out in nature makes us feel better.


Today is Take a Hike Day!


Hopefully you have great weather, but if not, don’t let that ruin your plans. Bring rain and/or snow protection: a hat, a jacket that is water and wind proof, rain pants, waterproof shoes or boots,  and get ready to head out the door.


Things really wet or slippery? Wearing gaiters (like the Hillsound Armadillo LTs) will keep you drier so you can hike longer and more comfortably. Trail spikes (like the Hillsound FreeSteps6 crampons) help keep your footing secure, whether it’s on slippery leaves, wading a stream, or early season icy patches.

So solo or with friends and family, plan a hike today!

(This post was sponsored by Hillsound – ideas and opinions are my own.)

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