Trail Running Project: Oldfield Oaks Forest Preserve

Trail Running Project outing #4 took place today at Oldfield Oaks Forest Preserve. Oldfield Oaks is located in Darien, Illinois, not far off Interstate 55, an easy drive west of Chicago. “Oldfield Oaks is an excellent example of an intact, mature oak woodland, natural wetland, and restored prairie. With this diverse mix of ecosystems, the preserve is home to a variety of wildlife, from foxes to great horned owls to western chorus frogs. Wildlife conservation activities such as amphibian monitoring and bird counts take place at the preserve. Two miles of looped limestone footpaths meander through mature oak woodlands and open prairies, the perfect setting to see coyotes, foxes, and a variety of nesting and migratory birds. Horse traffic is not allowed at Oldfield Oaks.” Today’s trail run was a nice surprise, as the whole family participated!

Oldfield Oaks is made up of two connected loops, with the main loop approximately 1.1 miles and a side trail of .7 miles. We ran the main loop and side loop, then walked the main loop for an outing of almost 3 miles. This coming Thursday, Thanksgiving morning, we will be running the Bonfield Express 5K as a family. The Bonfield is a race held in our town of Downers Grove, so we hope to make it an annual tradition. Laima and Teo ran last year with relatives and friends; hopefully in years to come we can gather up some bigger groups as well.

Oldfield Oaks Forest Trail overlooking prairie

Tazer (9): Today my family and I went to Oldfield Oaks.  We chose this trail because it was close to home and not too long. This was a training run fro the Bonfield Express.

I got out of the car and saw strange fruit on the ground under the trees. It was about the size of a grapefruit and sort of a yellow green color. It was soft on the inside and on the outside looked like a big brain.

We started running and my dad and I took photos. Oldfield Oaks has crushed gravel trails and good scenery, like tall grasses blowing in the wind, and would look really cool with snow covering everything. In the woods there are a lot of curves and hills. We saw a few people and one couple we saw at least 3 times!

Oldfield Oaks is a very relaxing running trail – my brother Aleks even fell asleep in his stroller! I think this is a great trail and I hope you will too!

Guy-guy (8): “My Practice for the Bonfield”: Today was a beautiful day for a run, even though it was a bit chilly. And that’s why I was happy when my whole family went for a run. As soon as we got out of the car, we saw tall stalks of grass. Once we ran a little bit, we came to a place that had so many twisting turning swerving curves! It was so much fun running down and down and down. Well, we were also turning around and around down the path! As we were on the trail, we saw lots of fallen and cut-down trees and we even thought that maybe one of them was struck by lightning because it looked like it was burned. There was a lot of uphill and a lot of downhill. It was a nice open trail. I love running on trails!

When you get tired, hitch a ride!
Oldfield Oaks Prairie View

Lots of curves!

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