Trail Snacks (DIY or otherwise)

One of the best thing about getting out on the trails (whether hiking, running, biking or…) are trail snacks. Yup, everything tastes better after spending quality time in nature.
Trail Snacks (DIY or otherwise)
This weekend, I decided to try a project I’ve always wanted to do but somehow never have: DIY beef jerky. I’m a big fan of jerky, but the store bought always have a few too many ingredients, often the ones you can’t pronounce (and you know that’s not good).
From the grocery store I bought two pounds of flank steak, cut across the grain about 1/8″ thick. I dropped it into a storage bag with garlic powder, dried onion, smoked paprika, salt, pepper, and coconut amino (like soy sauce without the soy). This went into the fridge overnight, then into our dehydrator at 160 degrees for 3 hours (you can accomplish the same in a conventional oven at a a similar temp, though timing may be different).
Pure heaven – the two pounds were gone pretty quickly and not immediately only because I put some away. A successful project!
Trail Snacks (DIY or otherwise)


Another snack we’ve enjoyed recently (on the trails, on the ski lift, while camping) are the new Organic Trail Mix Bars from Clif! The bars are gluten-free, feature fruits and nuts like crunchy almonds, whole wild blueberries, and chunks of delicious dark chocolate, and available in seven delicious flavors.
I am so happy Clif made the jump to 100% organic bars – these are tasty and a really good choice to bring along pretty much anywhere (can’t imagine where they wouldn’t taste great). We very much appreciated tasting the samples I was sent.
Trail Snacks (DIY or otherwise)
Other, more unusual samples, came from Navitas Naturals, who sent us their three new organic coconut chips. If you’re a fan of dried coconut, you’ll probably like these. The family was split about which flavors they like the best, Caramel, Cacao, and Chile-Lime, but all agreed it was something different and good. I myself preferred the three flavors mixed, but you’ll have to try them yourself to decide which ones do it for you. Another gluten-free option if that is important to you, and, while tasty on their own, probably more often used in a trial mix or as a topping.

Samples were provided for review purposes – all opinions were my own.

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  1. I want to try to make the jerky! My kids love it and yeah, I'd rather not give them all the extra ingredients that come w/ the commercial brands.

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