Tread Labs Orthotic Insoles Gear Review

Tread Labs partnered with Epic Social Adventures to provide us with orthotic insoles for Hell Hike and Raft 2015. Even though I have neutral feet and don’t feel like I need extra support, I’ve tried enough aftermarket insoles to know they are usually far superior than the ones that come inside new shoes or boots.

Tread Labs Orthotic Insoles Gear Review

Treadlabs has a unique way of getting their insoles into your footwear: Free Home Try-On. Yup, free. Pick your size, your width, and your arch height and they send you 2 pairs of insoles with 2 different arch heights that could work for you. Try them both – keep the pair that’s perfect. Pay only for what you keep – the insoles cost $75. If neither pair works, return both – shipping is free. How cool is that?

Mark Paigen, former tree trimmer, river guide, and shoe maker (he designed the Chaco Sandals),  turned his attention to another product where biomechanics make a difference, insoles. And that’s how Tread Labs was born.

Tread Labs Home Trial Video

While I can’t guarantee that you’ll like Tread Labs, I use them a lot, cycling them through my shoes as desired. Truly a simple way to change the way a pair of shoes or boots feels, and definitely a way to breathe life back into a tired but favorite pair of footwear. With a no-cost test available to test them out, why wouldn’t you?

So $75 is a lot for insoles – why go with Tread Labs? Free in home testing. An unconditional Lifetime Guarantee on their Indestructible Arch Supports. Cheaper than custom insoles. Last a good long time. And when the tops wear out? Replacement top covers cost $10/pair. Postpaid. A bargain in the long run.

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