TrekSta Sync Trail Running Shoes

Some shoes are ideal for the roads, while others shine on the trails. For someone like myself, who enjoys both styles of running, often in the same outing, finding a shoe that works on both surfaces is a godsend.

TrekSta Sync Trail Running Shoes

I’ve been a fan of TrekSta for quite a few years now; these are the 3rd pair that they’ve sent me to try (and one pair of active sandals) — I have the Evolution tanks that I use for sloppy, icy outings, along with the super sexy Edicts (these shoes were designed, I’m sure, by an Italian designer sitting at a sidewalk cafe, admiring his Ferrari and daydreaming about his girlfriend’s curves).

The fit on all these shoes has been incredible, and the Sync Trail Runners are no different. I will say that each new shoe added to the line continues to improve on the others in some way, either by its lighter weight, its responsiveness, or some other way.

For the Sync, its “natural-fitting nestFIT platform and terrain-sensing Independent Suspension Technology (IST) sole, the lightweight, low-drop Sync proves that comfort and ground feel can coexist.”

With a heel to toe drop of 4 mm, it approaches minimalism, but without sacrificing protection or comfort. For true minimalist runners, this will still be too much shoe. For someone like me, who runs in all kinds of shoes, it’s great.

I ran in the Syncs in every environment I could think of, from singletrack to gravel path to city sidewalks (no treadmill as ours is still dead). When I went to Canada last month for the Wine Blogger’s Conference, these were the only shoes I took (I went carry-on only, so one pair is all I COULD take).

I did this knowing that, whatever the circumstances were, I would have a comfortable run. One caveat to note is that, while definitely not narrow, this particular model felt like it had less overall volume than the others.

If you’re in the market for a shoe that does it all, is slightly more minimal than other trail runners, want protection in a lighter shoe, consider the TrekSta Sync Trail Runners. They really have it all in a single package.

Disclaimer: These shoes were sent to me for review purposes – all opinions are my own.

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