TTT: Bubbles, Performance Insoles, BigShot Narrow Mouth

(A day late, but…) Been a while since I did a Three Things Thursday, but a lot of products have crossed the testing desk, and this way I can easily let you know ones that are worth looking into. This week – fun for the whole family, rejuvenating running shoes, and a choice of a big or little mouth.

Juggle Bubbles

Juggle Bubbles: Each kit includes a bubble blower, bubble tray, unique bubble solution and a pair of magic gloves. The no-pop solution allows you or your child to bounce, toss and juggle bubbles without the bubble bursting. But does it work? After careful reading of the directions (definitely needed) and some practice, this actually worked – it’s kind of a cool riff on popping soap bubbles, as you can bounce them around from hand to hand and so on. If you and your kids love bubbles, this is a fun way to get outside and have some fun!

VOXXSOL Performance Insoles

VOXXSOL Performance Insoles: The Science: “Voxxsol’s technology focuses on the midbrain’s role in controlling balance, motion and body strength. The performance soles leverage chiropractic neurology and reflexology to activate the midbrain area and drive extraordinary levels of improvement.” Lab Results: “50% improvement in leg power, 45% in torso strength, 10% increase in static and dynamic stability, and immediate pain reduction.” My opinion: with these insoles, I was able to comfortably run in shoes that I had given up on – these replacement insoles gave new life to those shoes, a lightweight pair of minimalist runners I was planning on getting rid of. Not yet. A con: these performance insoles fit sizes 7-12 (cut to fit). My size 13 toes just hung over the tip – not enough annoyance to make a true negative, but those with bigger feet may need to think twice about these as a purchase.
Nathan BigShot Narrow Mouth: Interesting concept – a largemouth bottle with a smaller rigid drinking port as an option. Its features include a tethered  screw-top lid, sip-friendly, leak-proof narrow mouth, and 32 ounces (1000 mL) of capacity for your hydration needs. If you’re in the market for a larger reusable hydration bottle, this is a good option.

These products were provided for review purposes – all opinions are my own.

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