UintasHike16 Day 3

Day 3: Three and a Halfish Miles

UintasHike16: Day 3
I forgot to turn off my watch, haha, and we drove halfway down the mountain before I remembered

Day 3 dawned cold, but comfortable, and it was amazing to watch the mist rise off the still lake, with the mountains revealing themselves slowly as the light gained strength. After morning ablutions and some quiet time for myself, I not so quietly started packing my things, and soon was ready to go. Once again, Jeff and I stuck together, initially out ahead of the others, but then relatedly falling back, in no hurry except to get to breakfast.

With only 3 and a half miles or so, it didn’t take long, to get back to the trail head, and it was only half surprising that Paulina’s car was gone. We made the giant leap and figured the three ladies had headed down mountain early to get breakfast at a pre-chosen diner we had passed on the way up the mountain.

Imagine our surprise when we got to the diner and…no ladies. We sat down, ordered, and got our phones out for the first time in several days. No service is a blessing and a curse – we enjoyed our off-grid time, but not being able to communicate amongst the group had led to problems.

UintasHike16 Day 3

It was so once again. To our amazed horror, Paulina and Jes revealed that they didn’t have Rozanne with them. Uh-oh. The only explanation was that she had taken an incorrect turn and walked towards the Mirror Lake trailhead. Jeff and I finished our breakfasts and hoofed it back up the mountain, stopping at Mirror Lake to do a search while Paulina and Jes went back to the Highline trailhead. To our relief, the ladies pulled in to where we were parked, this time numbering three.

The drive back and time at Teton Sports was subdued, all of us tired from the trail, reflective of our adventures, and also looking to the next day, when Outdoor Retailer would begin. Our partner-supplied gear had gotten us through a short, but difficult, three day hike through some tough but beautiful terrain. We said our goodbyes and headed to our hotels, satisfied with what we had accomplished.

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