Under An Arctic Sky Film Review

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Many people think of the late Bruce Brown’s “Endless Summer” as the classic surf film. Chris Burkhard‘s “Under An Arctic Sky” seeks very different conditions in the cold waters of Iceland. Withstanding brutal weather conditions, the film chronicles the group’s effort to make the impossible possible.

This film documents a group of surfers traveling to Iceland, in Winter, to surf. Apart from the cold weather and water, not unusual. However, the group finds itself staring into the abyss, with a storm for the ages bearing down on them in the area they had chosen.

Defying common sense and logic, they hunker down and wait to see what happens. The storm does create a life-threatening situation, but their patience and fortitude are rewarded. Post-storm, under bluebird skies, come waves of near-perfection. It only gets better when they get the opportunity to surf under the Northern Lights.

Not surprising, since the film was directed by a photographer, there are some amazingly gorgeous shots of the sea under towering black cliffs and snowy mountains. The complete lack of people in many of the surfing sessions is balanced by shots of small villages nestled by the sea, lights glowing in the dark of night.

You can purchase “Under An Arctic Sky” through the film website or iTunes and can also  watch online via Amazon Prime, Netflix, Vudu, and more. People have been searching for a way to watch “Under An Arctic Sky” online free, but no dice as far as I can tell. In any case, at a purchase price under a Fin, there’s no need for free viewing.

The music is really beautiful, and suits the film well. While there is merchandise for the film to be purchased, I didn’t see an option for the “Under An Arctic Sky” soundtrack. However, if you head over to Spotify, search under the film name and you should find a playlist that the Chris Burkard Studios have created.

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