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At some point in the last year, I started thinking about podcasting. As I listened to ones others had made more often, it became a wistful thought that became an urge, then a plan. I started researching how to make a podcast and believed I could do it.

Looking into the gear needed made it seem like it wouldn’t be too expensive – you can literally start recording on your phone. Of course, the better the recording gear, the better the sound. The better the sound, the more likely people will listen. That is, if you have something worth listening to.

What will the Midwest Basecamp podcast be about? I’m not one to talk about myself too much, nor glorify the things I do. Others’ stories, however, fascinate me, and I see the podcast as a way to both share and save the conversations I want to have with the folks who make up the outdoor tribe.

In the vein of the conversational tone, I’m not planning on editing it too much, if at all. Some fun music to break up the show, the chat, and that’s it. I’m shooting for episodes in the 45 minute to hour range, just because that’s the duration I most like to listen to.

How often? The plan is a bi-weekly show, which gives me time to line up guests, record the show, and then put it together without rushing to make a weekly deadline.

The truth is, that I’m fearful of doing this. I decided to start the podcast back in September I think, started collecting the gear I needed and then….froze. I even have guests lined up, just waiting for an appointment with me to record their conversation. But…nothing. Today, like so many days before it, I’m just sitting and waiting to get the courage to start.

Seems easy enough, right? Just dive in and see what happens. Good suggestion and I’m almost there, but not quite. That being said, the Holidays are almost over and my original goal of putting out the first episode in January is probably not going to happen.

My new plan: the podcast goes live in March. That’s my birth month and I’ve long done bigger, badder things to celebrate another trip around the sun. One year I attempted a winter summit of Mt Washington. This year, the Midwest Basecamp – An Outdoors Podcast.

I’ll be back with more podcast related posts between now and March, if they make sense. Otherwise, come March, I’ll be back to ask for your support, to download the show and review it, share with your friends, and give me suggestions for guests for upcoming shows. (Maybe my recent Top 100 Outdoor Bloggers award will help lure guests?)

Update: Whither Art Thou?

10 thoughts on “Midwest Basecamp – An Outdoors Podcast

  1. This is similar to how I was when I started video, although at first I railed against the idea of doing video at all. Then when I decided to give it a try, and I had no idea what I was doing! Then I started to get the hang of it, and now I love filming and editing. I’m hoping to do a lot more once we get the pup a little more situated.

    1. I love video and have tried it on and off for a while, just beyond my skill set so super frustrating.

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