Warren Woods State Park

The weather gods smiled upon us, giving perfect fall weather for the weekend. Amazingly, the kids did not have soccer on Saturday, so we dropped the elder three at Laima’s great aunt and uncle’s and headed for Michigan. Minimal traffic, but a plethora of law enforcement made for a quiet trip – the Little Worker actually slept most of the way.

We headed over to Soē Café in Sawyer for lunch. We’ve driven by several times and it looked really nice, but never had the opportunity to stop in. Their emphasis is on local food and drink, though it’s not exclusively so.

Laima had a blue cheese grass-fed burger, while I opted for grilled cheese, both very good. The interior is quite beautiful, very simple and well-lit, especially that sunny day. There is a fireplace at one end, we didn’t ask if it worked, but it appeared like it would be functional on cold winter days.

Really a nice option for the area and  a great way to support the local industry.

We spent some time driving around Berrien County, looking for possible vineyard sites, and liked what we saw. If everything falls into place, the winery project is definitely something we’re interested in pursuing.

Since Little Worker hadn’t yet fallen asleep, we stopped at Warren Woods State Park in Three Oaks for a little outdoor enjoyment. Two-thirds of Warren Woods Natural Area’s 311 acres consist of a beech/maple climax forest. A quiet hiking trail leads over a bridge that looks over the rustic Galien River in this undisturbed natural area.

On this day, of all days, the park was crowded – we must have seen 50 or more people there, though the largest group appeared to be a college class out for a field trip. Kind of odd on a Saturday, but there you are.

This would be an amazing place to trail run, lots of roots, hilly topography, winding trails, and river views that were flat out gorgeous. When I last came here during the summer, the horse (or deer) flies were brutal, so this is definitely a fall or winter destination.

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