Worn Wear: Trade-in Your Patagonia Gear

I’ve been using Patagonia gear for many years and have accumulated a bunch of items I no longer use. I could give them away, hope my kids want to use them, or I can now return them to Patagonia.

In an era when environmental concerns are becoming more paramount, it’s a bit disconcerting that most companies are producing cheap, throwaway clothing rather than build high-quality gear built to last. Patagonia, through their Worn Wear initiative, is trying to reverse that trend by creating high-quality products for long term ownership and offering a platform for resale once they’re no longer useful or needed by the current owner.

Worn Wear: Trade-in Your Patagonia Gear

Patagonia’s Worn Wear online store is a place where customers can buy previously-owned Patagonia gear at a lower price point, giving it a second life. With products sourced directly from Patagonia customers in exchange for merchandise credit, the Worn Wear online store aims to provide simple new ways to extend the life of high-quality gear while also proving that investing in the circular economy makes good business sense.

If you have Patagonia gear that you’re no longer using, bring it in to a Patagonia store. You will be paid in Worn Wear credit to buy something new at Patagonia retail stores and patagonia.com, or buy used on wornwear.com. Patagonia will clean up your old gear and pass it on, so it stays in use and out of the landfill.

(*Thanks to Wilder PR for bringing this to my attention!)

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