You Asked, I Answered Part I


MissZippy asked:
How did you meet and how long have you been married? Laima and I crossed paths over the years and she was actually friends with my younger brother. My brother and her brother were roommates and, when my brother moved overseas, I took his spot. Laima and I were friends for a while, then started dating in 1997. We were married in October 1998, so it will be 13 years this fall!
Have you always been a gearhead? Absolutely! I think it started with my paternal grandfather, who was a farmer and carpenter – he could fix anything and had a basement and shed full of the most amazing tools. It was probably the reason I became a carpenter as well. I think that is one reason I love reviewing products, I really enjoy finding out how new things work and whether they are a worthwhile purchase or not.
How can I be not like Chris and more like Kovas? Don’t wear a toga, don’t be manly, never get up the nerve to talk to Gym Girl (but snag a keeper anyway), work for the government, sire many many children, have no direction to your blog.
Now that you have been doing the barefoot running thing for a little while is it something you think you will continue? After 7 weeks or so, 4 of which I really was consistent, the jury is still out. It definitely changed the way I run, though I’m not sure if it’s something I want to keep doing on a regular basis. It was originally supposed to be a 12 week trial, so the bigger question is whether I’ll make the 12 weeks.
When did you start running? Formally in 1988 or so. I remember initially I was running 12 minute miles or so on the indoor track at Loyola University in Chicago. I then graduated to running through Rogers Park, the neighborhood in which I was living. When I moved downtown then I really became more serious, which is easy with Lincoln Park and the Lakefront Path to train on. In 1995 I ran the Chicago Marathon, and then just wound down to almost nothing, sporadically running until 2010, when I once again became more serious, also adding cycling as a complementary sport.
If you could be any professional athlete, who would it be (and you can’t say ChrisK 🙂 )? To my knowledge, he’s not a professional athlete, but… To me, there isn’t a particular athlete I’d trade places with, though I’m envious of people who are paid not to compete, but to go out and do what they love to do. Guys like Ed Viesturs, Laird Hamilton, etc., guys who really are just competing with themselves and pushing the envelope.
How did you get to be so cool? Did you take lessons from Chris K? I’m pretty much the opposite of cool, especially when compared to ChrisK. Should we ever move to San Diego, I will gladly sit at the feet of the guru to learn as much as I can.
Someone just asked me a question here at work so I’m asking you the same. To lazy to think about my own question. Are you a gadget geek? I yes, what gadgets do you use for your sport? As mentioned above, I love all sorts of gadgets. For running, the main gadget is my Garmin Forerunner 305, which I do not utilize to its full potential. I have just a basic cycling computer on my road bike, but would love a power meter synced with a GPS computer for no other reason except that it would be cool. I’m not a serious enough cyclist for it to actually be useful.
1) How did you meet Laima? See answer above. (PS – ask her sometime how she stalked me from age 16 until we started dating.)
2) When are you and the fam gonna come visit us in So Cal? Not this year, pretty much all our travel funds are going towards our trip to Lithuanian in August. Hopefully next year!
3) What is one country you want to visit that you haven’t? Argentina (specifically the Patagonia region)
4) Who is your favorite actor/actress? I’ve always liked Diane Lane (major crush since she was young) and my dirty secret is that I like all Hugh Grant movies.
5) Do you truly believe that if I switched to barefoot running my times would not go down? Initially everyone runs more slowly, but the theory is that, as your form improves, the speed will return and then some!
So that’s the first installment, now read Parts II and III. Also check out 25 Random Things About Me.

17 thoughts on “You Asked, I Answered Part I

  1. 13 years this fall…that's great! Speaking of gear…ugggh, I just bought way too much crap at a sale last night that I didn't need…but more because it was really cheap. Like Brooks Shoes for $25…but they are not even the shoes I wear and going further away from the less shoe approach…looks like I might have an awesome giveaway. Oh, and oakley sunglasses that look really bad ass but wait, I probably won't wear them but they were marked down from 180 to 50…stupid gear. 🙂 Can you tell I'm on a pre-coffee ramble? You started running when I was in 4th grade. Good ol' 88!

  2. You guys dated for 11 years? Wow!

    Similar to the way you and Laima met, I knew who my husband was long before we dated because he was the brother of my high school best friend. We didn't start dating, though, until almost 15 years after we met.

  3. So in other words any professional athlete with an odd combination of vowels in their name will do? I actually think that makes a ton of sense – not only are they talented, they sound exotic.

  4. very cooL! I think it speaks volumes that you're questioning being able to finish the 12 weeks of barefoot.

    You honestly don't hear as much about that anymore, do you???

  5. Damn you've been running a long time! I envy that–you obviously knew yourself at a young age (which was a really long time ago).

    Thanks for all the answers. I'm digging this little game.

  6. Nelly, when ChrisK and I meet, rivers will flow with wine, strangers will hug in the street and all will be right in the world.

  7. Tell Jamoosh that I took down my toga pic. I'm thinking of putting up a turtle.

    BTW, tell Nelly it will never end. We are like a bickering couple who have been married for 50 years. But also love each other. Love ya Bro.

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