You Asked, I Answered Part III


Jay (via Google+) –
Hey Kovas, your blog rocks! My question for you would be how do you train in the cold of the midwest? I was born/raised in Bensenville, not far from your area, DG. Now I’m in sunny Orange County, CA. Last Christmas, was visiting parents, and ran the Op Jack Satellite run.. man, I didn’t see ANY runners (but lots of cigarette smokers)! Cars and trucks were honking and looking at me like, “Are you nuts?!”. It might have been my little working-class ‘hood, but no runners, no bike lanes, nothing. I don’t remember life growing up in my little area of the midwest being so “NOT active”? Maybe it was part of how I became overweight? Do you do any outdoor training in the winter? Dreadmill?
Treadmill, studded shoes, occasional decent day are all ways to get in some running during the winter. No runners is definitely dependent on location, some Midwest areas there are runners year round, it’s the culture. 🙂
XLMIC said… AGAIN!?!

If you could still pay the bills and not work, would you quit your job and stop working?

Without hesitation


What would be your dream job? Wine grower + maker


Did you always want 4 kids? Do you want more? Yes and it depends on the day. Laima and I both came from large families (5 and 6 kids respectively), so we knew we would probably have more than most, but we never set a certain number


Do you speak languages other than english? Which one(s)? Lithuanian


What is your favorite sport to participate in? To watch? To participate in, probably ultimate frisbee, though I haven’t played in years – there is just something about running short sprints in a grassy field, with that hippie vibe, usually competitive but in a friendly manner that is a great way to spend a sunny day. To watch is a tough one, but I really like sports that involve teamwork and are graceful – at their best, ice hockey and european football (soccer), though both are marred by goons and emoters these days.
Caroline said…
how are you? Good, now bad, now good, wait, it keeps changing!


how did you propose? Laima and I went to Jane’s, a very cozy, romantic restaurant in Chicago, and, if I remember correctly, I proposed with dessert. It was a moot point, as Laima had already proposed to me, ensnaring me with her womanly wiles.


who would like to meet other then Chris K? ChrisK who?


where are your parents from? are you the first American generation of your family? My parents emigrated under duress from Lithuania, but now that the Iron Curtain has fallen, have been living there for about a decade. My brothers, sisters, and I are all first generation Americans and were raised with the idea that we would all move to Lithuania when it gained its independence. So far, only my younger brother has made the jump, though he actually currently resides in Luxembourg.


Lance or Dean? why? They are both heroes to me, probably a combination of their success, outsize egos, faults, and what they have accomplished with the general public. I’d have to go with Lance,just because his reach through the Lance Armstrong Foundation and LiveStrong is just so huge and actually changed the way people see and react to cancer.


what makes you mad? Unfortunately, lots of little things. Top peeves: litterbugs, people who walk too slowly and block the sidewalk, tailgaters (they should be pulled over and shot – just leave 10 minutes earlier already), that Patrick came up with the Metrosexual Triathlete.
Aimee said…
How fun!!


Since you have reviewed a lot of products, what are your top 3 running products?? This is a tough one, because so much of it is dependent on weather, but I’d say for running my Garmin 305 (I love maps, and stats, so this is a no-brainer, now if it only was a phone and took photos as well), CEP compression sleeves, and my Salomon EXO II 3/4 tights, because they make me feel like Superman when I put them on.
Nelly said…
Do you actually enjoy reviewing all the products that you test on your site? Seems like you review a lot of things! 99% of the time it’s nothing but peaches and cream, though sometimes I get overwhelmed by how many things arrive simultaneously (nice complaint, right?). So many of these things I could never afford or might not even know about, so it’s really expanded my knowledge base. It’s fun also to see what items work across sports or in real life and always a hoot to hear what my kids think about them!
Best Steakhouse in Chicago? It’s been a while since I ate steak, let alone at a restaurant, but I’ve heard good things about Morton’s, Smith and Wollensky, and I can recommend Brazzaz, a very nice Brazilian restaurant.


If you had become a cop and I admitted to a very minor crime outside of your jurisdiction and probably way past the statute of limitations what would you do? I’m talking minor here – victimless crime, except maybe for the tax payers. Because if the answer is “you don’t care” then I have a confession to make. Victimless, past the statute of limitations, no worries. Let’s hear it.


You have 50 bucks. How are you getting from New York to San Francisco? This is a tough one – probably a combination of driveaway, hitchhiking, walking, and maybe Greyhound, though I swore buses off many years ago.


Both me and Chris K are bitten by venomous snakes. How do you save Chris first and why? I’d actually save you first, because you and I are more likely to be able to carry ChrisK than he could help me with you (have you seen him? scrawny little runner dude). Though I’d like to, WebMD cautions against doing the following: do NOT cut and suck, do NOT use ice, do NOT use electric shocks (really?!), do NOT use alcohol, do NOT use tourniquets or constriction bands – apparently these are only for sado-masochistic acts and do not actually increase one’s chances of surviving snake bites.
Dash said…
Mine is two part (and I’m asking it of everyone who is doing the QandA).


When you run, are you a greeter, ie, do you wave at an approaching runner or do you look away? I hedge my bets – if the person looks at me, I’ll wave or nod and see if they react.


If you are a greeter, does it bug you when the other person looks the other way and doesn’t acknowledge you? It does, but as someone who has been relatively shy my whole life, I totally get it. (Isn’t it great how blogging has released the inner social butterfly within me?)


Thanks for all the questions!
So that’s the third installment, now read Parts I andII . Also check out 25 Random Things About Me.

15 thoughts on “You Asked, I Answered Part III

  1. We used to play ultimate frisbee…what a blast!

    I'd think it might be fun to try electric shock on Chris K, regardless of what WebMD says. After all, you can't believe everything you read on the Internet.

  2. Let us know when you get the winery going. I will test your products free of charge… 😉

    Are you still planning to return to Lithuania?

    No tourniquet for a snake bite… I didn't know that. It was definitely what I would've thought to do.

  3. Sports involving teamwork and are graceful… how about rowing? lol

    Thanks so much for answering my questions and for the snake bite info!

  4. I'm with you on Lance and my world will come crashing down should he ever be proven guilty of cheating!

    Where will you launch that winery? Endless fine choices!

  5. The location of the winery will be wholly dependent on my finances. With luck it will be on the West Coast, but more realistically Southern Illinois. 🙂

  6. Great post!!!!

    and I agree on the tailgating…AND slow walkers..espacilly groups who take all the space!

    I met Dean already and he was great but if I had to choose between the 2 I'd pick Lance also!

  7. What great Qs and even better As. I have so far avoided being tagged, which is good because I think I got like five questions the last time I did a “Ask Me Anything” post.

    Why don't you eat fruit? Or beef? I would die.

    And you caught me off guard with the ultimate frisbee. But at least there is running involved!

  8. Your “Chris K Who?” comment really put me off, but then your answer that you and Patrick would try to save me really put a lump in my throat.

    BTW, I'm gonna go cheer on Patrick this Sunday. See if you can get a quick cheap flight. You can stay with me. I'll pick you up from the airport. You can come to a BBQ on Saturday night. I'm making slow cooked Tri tip sandwiches.

    Laima, can Kovas come play? Please.

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